Thursday, October 9, 2008

Truffle Cake from Laurent Bernard Chocolatier

Laurent Bernard chocolatier opens a new branch along Portsdown Road and as mention in the previous entry, it has a very secluded and isolated location that gives a very peaceful place for high tea.

Shop facade I

I didn't take the interior of the cafe not because of the no photo policy but rather I didn't have my point and shoot camera with me. These pictures are taken by my daddy but trust me, the alfresco dining area on the other side of the cafe is really pleasant.

Shop facade II

I love the rich and dark chocolate coating of this cake, it has the chewy and fudgey taste. The sponge is similar to the flourless cake but the truffle brings it to a different level, a combined effect of a cake and mousse. Overall, the texture is good but highlighted by daddy, this cake is on the sweet side, particularly the chocolate fudge and thus he prefers the fudge cake from Classic cakes, Jane's cake station and Awfully chocolate. However, with my medicine coated tongue, I prefer this over the fudge cake from Classic cakes and Awfully chocolate.

Similarly to the flourless chocolate cake, each slice of truffle cake costs $6.80 (excluding 7% GST).


Fen's comments

I tried this again 3 days later and I don't deny the fact that this fudge cake is one of the best. Why is that so? Because it has the richest chocolate fudge with a springy chocolate sponge among the entire lot we have tried and we felt that it deserved to be on the top of our
favourite list. So in the next few days, we will remove one of them from our special and this will make it to our newly favourite 4.

I thought the sweetness was just right. Maybe daddy finds it too rich and he prefers the moist chocolate fudge cake.


Yuan's comments
This is undoubtly one of the best chocolatate fudge cakes which I have eaten. The overall feeling is like eating slightly melted cadbury chocolate with soft chocolate chiffon. So simple yet not many cake shops does this as well as Laurent.

Laurent Bernard chocolatier
Laurent's Cafe & Chocolate Bar
5B Portsdown Road
Singapore 139 311
Tel: 6475 4182


Foodies Queen said...

Wow...the cake looks delicious! I have seen that you ate quite a load of cakes. Haha.

Fen said...

Hehe, dessert and cake hunting has always been my hobby. Yuan is nice to accomodate my unreasonable requests.

However, by the end of the day, we are both happy when we found something nice or some part of Singapore which we have never been before... I guessed that is just our version of dating :)

kyn said...

i tried to do a mini version of your cake adventure when i assembled my birthday platter with slices of cakes i wanted to try instead of a whole cake!

one other cake that i've tried in the top 50 was twin divine which is this dense chocolate and cheese cake from miss clarity and i liked it alot..i notice u dun like cheesecakes but its really smooth, the cheese and chocolate (they use valrhona's) layers! or alternatively you can always try the hazelnut chocolate one they have..

and with you liking hazelnutty chocolate cakes, you should try indecent obsession from big o (and the spike d if you like durians) and of cos, caraibe from canale! its actually on display in most canales, i spotted it at the shaw one and raffles city one at least. very very dense, its almost like a chocolate bar..

Fen said...

Actually, this blog was created by Yuan just to keep track of the original 10 cakes I have chosen from the 50 best cakes to kick my Starbuck's Iced Green tea latte addition.

As time goes, when there are so many cakes we eat along the way, we thought we shall just compiled it for everybody's reference...

Pretty observant on your side to notice not much cheesecakes were featured. The problem with cheesecake is the overloaded richness and I generally prefer cheese on its own.

I have visited Miss Clarity once but I didn't get to try their desserts, maybe I will drop by these days...

Wow, quite a list you have given me, I appreciate it as that will save time for me to ponder where to go... Let me see, you have mentioned...
1. twin divine and hazelnut chocolate (Miss Clarity)
2. Indecent obsession & Spike d (Big o)
3. Caraibe (Canele)

Yuan, we know where to go for the next few weeks...

Kyn, thank you for dropping by and the recommendation you have made.

My Wok Life said...

Hi Fen, thanks for introducing this place. I am a cakes lover! HEnce, your recommendation plus the cake photo really served as a big discovery to me. I would definately give it a try.. The cake looks sooooo delicious!

Fen said...

Thank you for dropping by... Apparently, the chocolate souffle and tart is a must-try from Laurent Benard...

I am looking forward to my next visit.

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