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Takeaway Specials for this Christmas @ Goodwood Park Hotel

We were privileged to receive an invitation to Goodwood Park Hotel's Christmas Event and for those who have been a follower of the hotel's Christmas treats, one will not be surprised by the creativity of the chefs. For the past few Christmas, the hotel has surprised us with Hainanese Turkey with chicken rice balls, inspired by our local favourite chicken rice; Turducken, a meaty combination of turkey, duck and chicken; Poached soy sauce turkey with "tau kua" and fragrant rice, an ingenious twist to the popular Cantonese -style braised soy sauce chicken. This year, 2012, the hotel presents the Baked "Singapura" Turkey with homemade pineapple-cucumber achar, yellow basmati rice and curry as their Asian-inspired turkey creation.

Baked 'Singapura' Turkey w homemade pineapple-cucumber achar, yellow basmati rice & curry
Photo taken from Goodwood Park's media kit
Masterminded by Executive Sous Chef Foo Jong Kwang, this uniquely Singaporean turkey is made with delicious mix of spices used in popular local cuisines such as curry powder, turmeric powder, chili  lemongrass, garlic and ginger. Accompanied with long-grain rice perfumed with pandan leaves and studded with dried cranberries, Peranakan-inspired pineapple-cucumber pickles as well as richly textured curry, this dish definitely leave an impression when it comes to creativity.

Executive Sous Chef Foo of Coffee Lounge
I am not sure about your family but when it comes to our elders, potatoes and sides do not seems to be their cup of tea but rice will be out of place since most Christmas offerings are the traditional roasts. Hence, the hotel's Asian-inspired creations are always much sought-after and we can understand why. Although we give a big thumbs-up to incorporate our local "nasi briyani" into the must-have Christmas turkey, we felt that it is too localized that it is akin of eating chicken briyani.

Mustard Crusted Spanish Pork Rack w Smoked Gravy, Cabbage, Pickled Apples & Potato Gratin
Photo taken from Goodwood Park's media kit

If there is a must-try among all the mains, it will have to be Executive Chef Gan's (of Gordon Grill) Mustard Crusted Spanish Pork Rack, served with smoked gravy, cabbage, pickled apples and potato gratin.

Executive Chef Gan of Gordon Grill

This easily earns both a second helping and a big thumbs-up for the melt-in-the-mouth meat. Marinated with only brine and gently roasted at 67°C, the cooking stops when the interior reaches 58°C. The pinkish pork is so tender due to the slow cooking and it is no surprise that the juices are locked within the crackling of the Spanish Iberico pork. The accompanying apple sauce (apple puree with black sugar) provides the additional zing and the potato gratin and homemade smoked gravy just round up to give a memorable oomph factor.

Director of Kitchen Chef Maximilian

Black Pepper-coated Roast Prime Rib with savory Thyme-Merlot Sauce was the recommended item when we approached Chef Maximilian Schwaighofer, Director of Kitchens at Goodwood Park Hotel Singapore. The quality of the Australian grain-fed beef is said to be the finest and is only marinated with black pepper, salt and chopped thyme to allow one to enjoy the beef with minimal seasonings. Similarly to the Spanish Pork Rack, this is slow roasted at 67°C to ensure full tenderness and according to Chef Maximilian, beef are often served medium rare (at most, medium) in Europe. Being a German himself, he shared with us to enjoy this signature item with just the sauce and may add mustard to the sauce unlike the English who eats their beef with mustard and horse radish separately.

Black Pepper-Coated Roast Prime Rib

Although Roast Beef Prime Rib may be common in most international buffets and are available in most hotel's takeaway, we have to admit that this is one of the more tender ones we had. The only shortcoming is that the redness of the meat may not be acceptable to most elders but that is how good beef are supposed to be enjoyed.

Black Pepper-Coated Roast Prime Rib

Christmas will not be sweet without desserts and this year, Pastry Chef Joe Tan tempts our palate with his White Chocolate-Coffee Log Cake with Kahlua Profiteroles and Espresso Genoise and viola, it was a crowd pleaser.

Pastry Chef Joe Tan

The overall combination is light and we are sure tiramisu lovers will not want to give this a miss. With coffee beans blended into the white chocolate mousse, the Kahlua mousse in profiterole gives the additional boost to the overall taste.

White Chocolate-Coffee log cake

Santa's Sleigh caught my attention as a splendid gift as this hazelnut pound cake is not as delicate as the log cake and can be kept in air-conditioned room for 3 days. Topped with macarons and candied strawberry-orange jelly with the side of the sleigh made of chocolate, the presentation earns a thumb-ups from us. Moreover, the cake is sufficiently dense to support the structure but not at all dry.

Santa's Sleigh

Sherry Trifle, another signature dessert of Goodwood Park, is a traditional and authentic dessert from England. Unlike the regular custard that is baked with hardener, the custard served in this dessert is softer with little hardener. Topped with raspberry jam and jelly liquor-soaked sponge, it is no surprise this light dessert goes very well with a meaty meal.

Sherry Trifle

Another must-try among the sweets would be the Walnut and Chocolate Chip Tart. With the addition of maple syrup, this crunchy and moist tart earns nods with most of the guests present at the event.

Sweet Treats @ Goodwood Park

Last but not least, Durian Profiteroles Christmas Tree and D24 Durian Christmas Log Cake are the must-haves for durian lovers. The difference between the two? Well, if you are a fan of durian mousse, the Durian Profiteroles Christmas Tree will not be diappointing. For those who prefer more cake in their durian creation, go for the classic D24 Durian Christmas Log Cake.

The takeaway gourmet treats will be available at the Deli from 1 to 26 December 2012.

Refer to the order form for a full list of takeaway items and orders which are fully paid for by 9 December 2012 will be accorded a further 5% discount (not applicable for cash & online orders).

Card Promotions at the Deli 
Goodwood Park Hotel Gourmet Cardmembers enjoy 20% off takeaway Christmas treats from 1 to 26 Dec 2012
UOB Credit & Debit Cardmembers enjoy 20% off from 1 to 14 Dec 2012; and 15% off from 15 to 26 Dec 2012, for takeaway Christmas treats
Citibank and DBS/POSB Credit & Debit Cardmembers enjoy 15% off takeaway Christmas treats from 1 to 26 Dec 2012

Many thanks to Ms Justina Loh, Marketing Communications Manager of Goodwood Park Hotel for the invitation to attend the wonderful Christmas luncheon.

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