Sunday, September 27, 2009

Midnight by BakerZin

Mooncakes have become more exotic over the years and it is no surprise that dessert chain, BakerZin presents a series of contemporary feel to its mooncakes. Black is a classic colour but has never been a lucky colour for the Chinese neither are black food tempting.

Sesame Truffle Mini Snowskin

Surprisingly for this year, it is the black mooncakes that caught my attention. Apart from Home Favourite's black durian mooncake, BakerZin adopts the use of bamboo charcoal for its snowskin.

Midnight @ BakerZin
Sesame Truffle Mini Snowskin
$36 nett for a box of 8

Although the filling is said to encases a blend of sweet lotus and black sesame paste, the overall feel is similar to eating black sesame soup (a type of Cantonese dessert, 芝麻糊). Nothing fanciful but each mouthful is filled with the goodness of the rich black sesame. Hence, fans of this Chinese dessert should not give this a miss. The overall feel is similar to black sesame paste.

BakerZin, United Square
101 Thomson Road
#01-07/60 United Square
Singapore 307591
Tel: 6251 5550

Operating hours - 10:30 am - 10 pm (Sun to Thur)
10:30 am - 11 pm (Fri, Sat & Eve of Public Holiday)

BakeZin's promotional page
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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Hua Ting Restaurant

Mooncake 2009

Despite interesting introduction of new unorthodox snowskin mooncakes by various restaurants and hotels every year, there will be a group of purists that prefers the traditional double yolk lotus seed paste mooncake. The choice between novelty and tradition varies from individual and that taste is preferential.

Lotus Paste with SingleYolk
Lotus Paste with Single Yolk
$12.00 per piece, $44.00 per box (4 pieces)

There are several elements of a traditional mooncake, namely lotus paste, salted egg yolk and a traditional crust which is lightly baked. With such simple ingredients, it is surprising that taste can vary from one hotel / restaurant from another. Over the weekend, Yuan and I went round trying the various mooncakes, hoping to get something that impress our family members and in the midst of doing so, we have shortlist a few, namely Ritz Carlton, The Reagent, Holiday Inn Hotel and Grand Hyatt Hotel but what makes us travel all the way to Orchard Hotel lies in one unique factor which the rest lacks of.

Orchard Hotel's Hua Ting restaurant is known for its traditional baked mooncakes and in terms of smoothness, it has the "most moist" texture. According to the staff, mooncakes cannot be sold fresh out from the oven and need to be left to settle till it becomes slightly oily. Between the white lotus and red lotus paste, the latter is distinctively smoother and despite being a little sweeter than the reduced sugar option offered by other hotels, this is one mooncake which we didn't regret making a special trip down.

Custard with Yolk
Custard with Yolk
$6.50 per piece, $42.00 (8 pieces)

Snowskin custard has always been a favourite of my siblings as it is slightly sweeter but less rich than lotus paste. Ever since my encounter with Shangri-la's bird nest mooncakes, I have been faithfully buying East Ocean's snowskin custard every year until now.

Snowskin custard with yolk is Hua Ting's signature and its winning factor lies in a smoother and more tender snowskin. Apart from that, the introduction of minced egg yolk makes it less sweet. No wonder, my sisters instantly gave me a thumb up.

Hua Ting Restaurant
Orchard Hotel Singapore
442 Orchard Road
Singapore 238879
Tel: 6739 6614
Website for Orchard Hotel
Mooncake 2009's promotional brochure

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Friday, September 25, 2009

Marriott's durian mooncake

As mentioned in my Rendezvous' entry, durian seems to be the most common flavour for this year and having ate Goodwood Park's signature durian mooncake, we thought there are three worthy opponents that are worth mentioning as alternatives.

Home Favourite's
Black Durian Mooncake
($52 / 4 pcs)

Peony Jade Restaurant's
Organic Pandan Snow-Skin with Top Grade Mao Shan Wang Durian
($26+ / 2 pcs, $50+ / 4 pcs)

Apart from the mentioned two, Marriott's durian mooncake caught our attention after we have sampled it twice at the hotel booth and mooncake fair but when we bought a box back home, we were pretty disappointed with the snowskin. The snowskin has a powdery aftertaste and crumbles easily despite its excellent durian pulp feeling.

Not sure why the standard varies so much between the ones we have tasted and the box of mooncakes we have bought.

However through the interaction with the hotel personnel, it is important to keep durian mooncakes in the freezer and only thaw them just before consumption. By keeping them in the chiller, the moisture in the filling will be soaked into the snowskin, making it unpleasant for consumption.

$7.50 per piece, $48.00 (8 pieces)

Wah Hao Restaurant
Singapore Marriott Hotel
320 Orchard Road
Singapore 238865
Tel: 6831 4708

Marriott Hotel's website
Weblink for Mooncake 2009's promotional page
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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Ritz Carlton's mooncake 2009

Lychee-tini left me craving since sampling it at the Mid-Autumn Festival Mooncakes Fair @ Takashimaya B2 (17th Sept 09 to 3rd Oct 09) and is probably a rare gem which uses lychee and liquer (apart from Majestic Restaurant). Also last year's bestseller of Ritz Carlton, the refreshing lychee flavour coup with smooth lotus paste plus a tint of liquer makes us feel that it is one of the better and unique flavours we have come so far this year.

Mini Bing Pi Lychee-tini
Mini Bing Pi Lychee-tini
$36.00 (6 pieces)

The mini bing pi Green Tea Paste is a must-try for matcha fans. Upon cutting the mooncake, one will be greeted by the nice green tea fragrance and on the first bite, the velvety smooth and rich green tea paste leave one craving for more. Very similar to a good matcha mochi.

Mini Bing Pi Green Tea Paste
Mini Bing Pi Green Tea Paste
$36.00 (6 pieces)

Summer Pavilion
Ritz Carlton, Millenia Singapore
7 Raffles Avenue
Singapore 039799
Tel: 6337 8888

Ritz Carlton, Millenia Singapore's website
Website for Mooncake 2009

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Monday, September 21, 2009

Mooncakes from Rendezvous Hotel

Blackforest mooncake is Rendezvous Hotel's signature and is a unique blend of pistachio nut, cashew nut, red-cherry truffle and chocolate sauce. Due to the introduction of nuts into the filling, the filling has a slight powdery texture. On the personal note, this mooncake is very sweet and thus may not appeal to people who are health conscious or has a low sugar threshold. Also, these mooncakes have to be kept in the freezer as the high sugar content gives the snowskin a distinctive sticky texture.

Mini snow skin black forest mooncake with cherry chocolate truffle
Mini snow skin black forest mooncake with cherry chocolate truffle
$45.00 (8 pcs)

Durian seems to be a common theme for most hotels and bakeries this year and it is no surprise that Rendezvous Hotel has durian snowskin, particularly with their popularity of durian pengat and durian cake. Setting aside its similar sweet snowskin, one can feel the pulp and richness of the durian but for both flavours it will be better with a reduction of sugar.

Mini Snowskin with Durian
Mini snow skin mooncake with durian
$45.00 (8 pcs)

Lastly we would like to thank Christina, Marketing and Communications Manager of Rendezous for the chance to sample their hotel's signature mooncake.

Straits Cafe
Rendezvous Hotel Singapore
9 Bras Basah Road
Singapore 189559
Tel: 6335 1810 / 6335 1771

Rendezvous Hotel Singapore's website
Website for Mooncake order form 2009

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Friday, September 18, 2009

Peony Jade Teochew Yam Paste Mooncakes‏

Apart from the traditional and snowskin mooncakes, flaky crusts, an indicative of Suzhou-style mooncakes, is another type of mooncakes. Its dough is made by rolling together alternating layers of oily dough and flour that has been stir-fried in oil. The most common filling for these Teochew crusty mooncakes is a sweet paste made from taro ("Oor Nee" or Yam).

Peony-Jade Signature Flavour

Ever since its establishment in 2004, "Oor Nee" fans will know about Peony-Jade's signature Flaky Teochew "Oor Nee" mooncake. Apparently, these original ex-Crown Prince Hotel's creamy yam paste filo pastry has been highly sought-after.

Ex-Crown Prince Hotel Flaky Teochew "Oor Nee"
with Golden Japanese Pumpkin

$22 for 2 pieces, $43 for 4 pieces

Ex-Crown Prince Hotel Flaky Teochew "Oor Nee" with
Single Egg Yolk & Golden Japanese Pumpkin

$23 for 2 pieces, $45 for 4 pieces

This Teochew yam mooncake tastes closer to a taro turnover or pastry rather than your conventional mooncake. I think this should appeal to the older generation as it is not too sweet and softer than the usual lotus paste. The down side is the flaky pastry, it can get a little messy when you eat and when left a few days, it becomes soft and a little oily.

Peony Jade Restaurant @ Clarke Quay

Blk 3A Clarke Quay
Tel: 6338 0305 / 6338 0138

Peony Jade @ Keppel Club
Bukit Chermin Road, Keppel Club
Singapore 109918
Tel: 6276 9138

Website for Peony Jade Resturant
Website for Mooncake ordering form

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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Szechuan Court's Mooncakes

Apart from Chinese New Year, Mid-Autumn Festival is one of the other important holidays in the Chinese calendar as farmers celebrate the end of the summer harvesting season. This is also a day where Chinese family members and friends get together to admire the bright mid-autumn harvest moon, eat moon cakes and pomeloes together.

In addition, this festival is often associated with the legends of Chang E, the mythical Moon Goddess of Immortality and was officially declared as Mid-Autumn Festival during the Song Dynasty.

As this festival is often linked to a full moon, the salted egg yolks in traditional mooncakes symbolize the full moon and in Szechuan Court's snowskin mooncakes, the pastry chefs adopt the use of circular chocolate truffle to house its chocolate ganache and the original mooncake filling, the lotus seed paste (蓮蓉) in their creations.

Mooncakes from Szechuan Court

This has been my personal favourite for the past 2 years and the snowskin flavours available at Raffles the Plaza focused on alcoholic flavours ranging from Baileys, Champagne and Rum & Raisins. A box of mini assorted mooncakes with 2 pieces of each flavour, including its new creation for this year (Feuilletine-Hazelnut with Wafer Crunch Nuts), costs $48+.

Feuilletine-Hazelnut with Wafer Crunch Nuts

Having eaten the fruity fillings of Goodwood Park, flavour-infused lotus paste of Carlton Hotel, Raffles the Plaza presents a different approach for this year. This pinky new creation hides a gem that is unlike their alcoholic variations. Surrounded by the lotus paste, its white chocolate ball houses a blend of swiss chocolate swirl with crunchy wafer-hazelnut bits, providing a crunch that most chocolate hazelnut-praline cakes will have.

Cross section

The core of each mooncake contains the alcoholic goodies and (from the left, Rum & Raisin Chocolate Truffle, Champagne Truffle & Chocolate Ganache and Feuilletine-Hazelnut with Wafer Crunch Nuts) don't be misled by the humble looking ganache. This smooth ganache is highly concentrated with alcohol that is bound to surprise you but beware not to pop too many in a go as these treats are heaty.

Champagne Truffle mooncakes lovers will be puzzled with their available choices. Apart from Raffles the Plaza, this flavour is also available at Li Bai Cantonese Restaurant of Sheraton Towers Singapore Hotel and other hotels. Not to miss the fact that this is Raffles Hotel's signature. Given that we have eaten Raffles Hotel's and Raffles the Plaza back to back, here are the differences.

Raffles Hotel has its champagne infused in the white lotus paste while Raffles the Plaza encased its champagne ganache in the white chocolate shell. In terms of the strength of alcohol, Raffles the Plaza is alot stronger than the former. Instead of champagne ganache, Raffles Hotel has a non-alcholic white chocolate core which is not as smooth as Raffles the Plaza. However, Raffles Hotel triumphs for a softer snowskin and smoother lotus paste. Thus, we thought the choice is clear.

As for Li Bai's Champagne mooncakes, I guess I will pick up during the Takashimaya fair (17 Sept 09 to 4 Oct 09). Note that the mooncakes are devoured on the 5th Sept 09 so Li Bai's entry will be lagged.

Szechuan Court
Swissôtel The Stamford, Singapore
2 Stamford Road
Singapore 178882
Tel: 6338 8785
Hotel's website
Mooncakes 2009 ordering form
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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Raffles Hotel's Champagne Truffle Mooncake

Snow-skin Mooncake with Champagne Truffle & Ganache

Champagne truffle snow-skin mooncakes has been a popular choice ever since its launch in 1994 by Raffles Hotel in Singapore. Thus, it is not surprising to hear recommendation of this mooncake in most blogs and forums. Unlike the magnetic cardboard boxes, Raffles Hotel adopts a metal tin box that is printed with a Shanghainese lady, giving a very oriental atmosphere to this festival. The purchase of one large baked mooncake or two mini snowskin mooncakes will entitle a small metal box with the same print, making a nice simple gift for friends.

On the first bite, the powdered snowskin is soft and smooth. Champagne is not overpowering and is nicely infused in the lotus paste. As for the core, it is just a white chocolate ball, not extremely smooth but it does provides a contrasting taste when eaten together with the snowskin and lotus paste. It is understandable why this is highly recommended by fellow foodies.

A box of 8 Champagne Truffle Mooncakes will cost $52+ while individual pieces will cost $9+. For assorted mini snowskin selection, they will be charged as individual pieces and will be about $66+.

Personally, if one doesn't mind the absence of champagne, my vague impression of 大中国's 冰皮白莲蓉 and 白莲蓉月饼 for last year (both Baked and Snowskin Lotus Paste Mooncake) are cheaper (about $28 for 4 pieces) but yet the taste is not compromised. The lotus paste is smooth and the snowskin is just as tender and soft like what Raffles Hotel has to offer.

Raffles Hotel Singapore
1 Beach Road
Singapore 189673
Tel: 6412 1122
Website for Mooncake promotion
Raffles Hotel's website
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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Mooncakes by Carlton Hotel

Mooncakes from Carlton Hotel

While the lunar 7th month has only just started, sgdessert will start the build up to this chinese festival by reviewing some of the mooncakes available in Singapore. Our first mooncake special brings us to Carlton Hotel.

Although snowy mooncakes (冰皮月餅) were only introduced in the early 1980s, these modified mooncakes have been popular among young adults. With a wide range of various fillings, it is not surprising that there are new flavours being churned out by hotel and restuarant chefs to outshine and surprise foodies. In recent years, ingredients such as chocolate, fruits (fig, durian, melons, lychees, etc), vegetables (wheatgrass, yam, sweet potatoes) have been added to give a modern twist to the traditional recipes. Also, to accomodate to the health-conscious lifestyle, mooncakes has undergone a diversification to provide fat-free and low-sugar mooncakes.

Freshly made from the finest ingredients by the hotel's award-winning master chefs of Wah Lok Cantonese Restaurant, there are 3 new creations this year - Lavender, Wheatgrass with melon seed & White Lotus Paste with Hazelnut. If you are undecided about which snowskin to try, it comes in a box of 8 - 2 of each flavours including their durian snowskin mooncake. ($49) .

Lavender Mooncake

Snowskin Mooncake with Lavender and White Lotus Paste
Lavender, known for its smoothing fragrance and calming qualities, is creatively infused with white lotus paste in this mini snowskin delight. We have tried many lavender by products such as violette macaron, lavender with chocolate mousse, lavender ice cream. If it is not done well, it could make it seems like you are eating some aromatherapy essential oil. In this case, it is pretty mild, you will feel the smoothness of the lotus paste with a hint of the flowery scent. Rather unique and refreshing.

Wheatgrass & Melon Seeds Mooncake

Snowskin Mooncake with Wheatgrass, Melon Seeds and white Lotus Paste
This new flavour is perfect for the beauty conscious as wheatgrass is known for its detoxifying properties. Though, the strength of wheatgrass is almost non detectable and that there is very little melon seeds, this snowskin mooncake trumphs by the smooth lotus paste.

Hazelnut & Nata De Coco Mooncake

Snowskin Mooncake with Hazelnut Paste and Nata De Co Co
Rich in aroma and light on your palette, this sweet delight is sure to impress with the fragrant paste and crunchy bits.

Somehow or rather the snowskin used in this and durian is different from the above 2, the snowskin crumbles and is a little dry in its texture. The filling, on the other hand, is similar to nutella minus the chocolate and that the Nata De Co Co bits provides a little crunch. Something different but the former 2 appeals more.

Durian Mooncake

Durian Snowskin Mooncakes
Having eaten many durian desserts the previous month. The durian snowskin mooncake does not shine out. The durian content is pretty low and resembles eating the Thai Durian Kueh, particuarly when its filling is chewy. The snowskin, similar to the hazelnut one, is dry, if not the driest among the 4.

Overall infusing lavender and hazelnut into lotus paste is unique. The smoothness of lotus paste remains but an alternative secondary flavour (e.g. lavender and wheatgrass) brings in a different appeal to people who likes the conventional lotus paste but not overwhelmed with alcohol or chocolate.

Last but not least, we would also like to thank Ms Leung of Carlton Hotel for letting us sample these new creations.

Exclusively for UOB Cardmembers
Early bird special
1 Aug to 6 Sep 2009 - 20% discount for 1-20boxs; 25% for 21 boxes and above
7 Sep to 3 Oct 2009 - 15% discount

Wah Lok Cantonese Restaurant
Carlton Hotel Singapore
76 Bras Basah Road
Singapore 189558
Tel 6338 8333
Website for Mooncake special

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Goodwood Park Hotel's Mooncakes 2009

Mooncakes are regarded to be an indispensable delicacy during the Mid-Autumn Festival. This also serves an opportunity for the eateries in Singapore to whip out creative flavours. For foodies like us, this is something to look forward to every year, apart from the predictable lotus seed paste in a baked crust.

We are honoured to receive a box of Assorted Snowskin Combo from Goodwood Park Hotel and many thanks to the Senior Marketing Communications Executive, Ms. Dorothy Lim for the opportunity and time to explain the specialities and new creation of Goodwood Park.

Signature snowskin flavours of Goodwood Park Hotel are none other the D24 Durian Paste in Snowskin ($26 for 2 pcs; $48 for 4 pcs) and the Cempedak Paste in Snowskin ($26 for 2 pcs; $48 for 4 pcs).

D24 Durian Paste in Snowskin

The filling taste close to the Durian Mousse Cake of Goodwood Park. According to Dorothy, the filling is suppose to be similar to the one used in the hotel's durian puffs but we thought that it is more concentrated and has more chunks of durian pulp. Overall, this is no doubt an all-time favourite for durian lovers.

Cempedak Paste in Snowskin

And when we thought that the durian mooncake was rich with durian pulp, the Cempedak Paste in Snowskin surprised us further. This is definitely not a paste but almost like the real fruit, condensed within the snowskin. The first mooncake to be devoured completely among the 4 flavours.

Soursop Paste in Snowskin

Apart from the signature items, the creativity of Executive Pastry Chef Lim Kim Wah presents this year's new creation, Soursop Snowskin Mooncake ($22 for 2 pcs; $40 for 4 pcs). The thought of introducing sweet and tangy flavours in a traditional pastry is bound to stir most curiousity.

The mooncake is filled with smooth, velvety puree and juicy pulp made from fresh soursops. Our personal take for this refreshing treat is that it was too sour to our liking. No doubt the pulp from the soursops add an extra crunch but the paste that comes with it just makes the overall taste similar to a lemon mochi.

Mango with Pomelo in Snowskin

Of course, back by popular demand, a hot favourite from last year - Mango with Pomelo in Snowskin Mooncake ($22 for 2 pcs; $40 for 4 pcs). Inspired by the all-time favourite dessert at Min Jiang, Mango with Pomelo and Sago, one can expect bursting flavours of smooth mango puree with mango cubes and pomelo sac. Since the filling is slightly curd-like in comparison to the dessert, it tastes close to a mango pudding.

Apart from these snowskin mooncakes, Goodwood Park Hotel also has 5 lotus seed varieties namely, Lotus Seed Paste with Melon Seeds, Lotus Seed Paste with Double Yolks, Lotus Seed Paste with Four Yolks, Assorted Nuts with Ham and White Lotus Seed Paste with Double Yolks.

All mooncakes are available from 19 August to 3 Oct 2009 at the Deli.

For more details, refer the promotion page of Goodwood Park Hotel.

Goodwood Park Hotel
22 Scotts Road
Singapore 228221
Tel: 6730 1786

Operating hours - 9am to 9pm daily
Website for Deli
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Friday, September 4, 2009

Oscar's, Conrad Centennial Singapore

When it comes to international buffet, there is always a battle between quality and quantity. In any case, any diners will be spoilt for choice when it comes to a good hotel buffet.


Located on the lobby level of the hotel, Oscar's provides a casual and lively atmosphere. Warm lighting with friendly service.

Casual dining comfort

Just like any renowned hotel buffet, seafood lovers will be pleased with the cold selection of prawns, mussels, crayfish, lobsters and crabs.

Cold seafood on ice

For cheese lovers, here is the cheese counter.

Cheese Counter

It is going to get boring if I were to show you the spread and just label them as appetizers, oysters, seafood, hot dishes and desserts, etc. Sounds repetitive as it is pretty much the same for almost all good hotel buffets. Thus, I am going to highlight what Conrad's F&B Executive and Communications Executive have to recommend about their buffet dinner.

One of the highlights of the buffet is the Parmigiana (Parmesan) bowl where romaine lettuce is tossed with sauce, pepper and cheese by the hotel chefs to present their diners a lovely bowl of Caesar salad.

Caesar Salad in the making

And if you are a fan of Japanese food, you will not want to miss out Oscar's buffet between the 5th Sept 09 to 13th Sept 09 where Oscar's will collaborate with Hilton Nagoya to present unique selection of Japanese food with both hot and cold live section.

Japanese Station

In 2006, Oscar's has undergone a major renovation. Its kitchen can be clearly visible behind its buffet spread. Hence diners can see the chefs at work, whipping up all those delicious dishes. Of course one should also take some time to appreciate its deco, notice the panels behind the savoury section? These are actually cut from a huge piece of art work.

The serving of the hot dishes are small and are replenished at a regular basis so that freshness is ensured in all the dishes.

Selection of hot food ranged from Indian curry, Steamed pomfret in "Teochew" style, Braised spare rib with plum sauce and spices, Grilled tiger prawns, Double boiled veal cheeks with Chinese herbs, Wok fried Udon, etc. The list goes on and on but bottom line, there is something for everybody.

Open Kitchen Concept

If you thought I have missed the highlights of most buffets. You are wrong, when it comes to oysters, it is nothing new in the context of hotel buffet dinners but Oscar's takes an extra step to shuck the oysters upon request. Guaranteed freshness!!!

Fresh shuckled oysters

The live section for the night is mini burger with portobello mushroom and black pepper dip. Patties is done medium well with a slice of grilled portobello mushroom. Although the mushroom is alittle salty, the beef patty is juicy with nice buttery crisp buns.

Teppan mini burger with portobello mushroom and black pepper dip

Also, there is a noodle bar which served Bak Kut Teh, Prawn Noodle Soup, Laksa, Wanton Noodle and Fishball Noodle Soup. We didn't try all of them but the Laksa and Bak Kut Teh were so good that I went for a second serving. The former is rich in taste while the pork ribs in the latter is well-marinated, tender in a concentrated soup base.

I am sure there is a fair share of diners who will rush for the desserts and apart from the desserts shown in the picture, there are also cakes ranging from Tiramisu, Matcha and White chocolate, Blueberry Cheesecake and Araguani Walnut Brownie.

Pastry Gallery

Chocolate is a personal favourite of Conrad's pastry chef and thus it is no surprise that the chocolate creations including the bonbons were so good that Yuan felt that it is an alternative to Fullerton's chocolate buffet. The ice-cream served at Oscar's is from Movenpick with a decent selection of condiments.

Chocolate Bonbons, Ice-Cream & Condiments

Desserts don't just stop here, though there is no chocolate fountain, Oscar's offers a wide selection of cookies and meringue, not forgetting a dessert live section where waffles and hot chocolate pudding. Believe it or not, the waffles remind us of Gelare while the hot chocolate pudding stirs my memories at Laurent Bernard Chocolatier.

Overall, if you are looking for spread, Oscar’s is nowhere near The Line (Shangri La). However if you are looking for quality, I must say that this is one of the few buffets which I found little to complain. It also brings the diners close to the chefs, which is welcoming and pleasant. Moreover, the open kitchen concept allow one to appreciate that most of the food is prepared on the spot and replenished at a regular basis.

Pastry Chef Yong

Before signing off, let me introduce Pastry Chef Yong of Conrad Centennial Singapore.

Our heartfelt thanks to Ms. Joyce Yao, the Communications Executive for the mini tour at Oscar's and the introduction to Pastry Chef Yong.

Not forgetting Mr. Peter Yeong, the F&B Executive for the information provided with regards to information on Oscar's buffet.

Definitely looking forward to my next visit to Oscar's.

Conrad Centennial Singapore
2 Temasek Boulevard
Lobby Level Conrad Centennial
Singapore 038982
Tel: 6432 7481

Credit cards discount includes UOB - 1 dines free with every 3 paying adults
Citibank or American Express at 15% off the total bill for dinner

Buffet dinner is priced at
$54++ (Sunday to Wednesday)
$65++ (Thursdays to Saturdays, also Oysters night)
The prices above are applicable for the duration of the Nagoya promotion (5th Sept 09 to 13th Sept 09).

Operating hours:
Breakfast à la carte - 6:30 am to 10:30 am
Breakfast buffet - 6:30 am to 10:30 am
Lunch à la carte - 11:00 am to 2:30 pm
Lunch buffet - 12:00 noon to 2:30 pm
Dinner à la carte and buffet - 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm
Amazing Graze Sunday Brunch - 12.00 noon to 3:00 pm
Supper - 10:00 pm to 6:00 am

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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Caffe Cino @ KL

Somehow or rather, I just don't like shopping so just before catching the coach back to Singapore, we had an express 1.5 hour exploration of KL Sentral, Malaysia’s largest transit hub for phototaking but Hilton Hotel was screaming for my attention the moment I alight from the LRT.

Since the cakes from Concorde didn't disappoint, we were motivated to hunt for more cakes. Pretty ambitious on our part to take pictures of the street life and Kuala Lumpur Sentral railway station and at the same time, wanting to blog about KL's hotel cakes.

Caffe Cino

Unlike Concorde, the lobby of Hilton is much quieter and note that there will be a security guard sending out courteous requests that photography is not allowed in the hotel. Don't be mistaken, we did ask for permission from the Cafe and were only stopped after all these pictures posted here have been captured.

Dining area of Caffe Cino

The high ceiling and the spaciousness of this cafe offers comfort to enjoy pastries, cakes and freshly grilled gourmet sandwiches. Choice of white and beige contrast nicely with the black table tops and the only complain I have for this dessert adventure is that I am rushing back for the coach. No time to sit back and relax.

Hotel Hilton's cakes

Selection of cakes is completely different from Hilton Singapore and surprisingly the classic New York Cheesecake is not seen during our visit.

Strawberry Sponge Cheese

Since there is no New York Cheesecake, we settled with something close to it. This is not rich and resembled something similar to Japanese light cheesecake minus the cornstarch. Not velvetly smooth but the cake base at the bottom seems to have traces of almond, yet on the other hand a slight resemblance to kueh lapis, might contain minute amount of coconut milk. Didn't enjoy this as much as the ones we had at Concorde.

Pistachio & Lavender macarons

Even the macarons at KL is huge. I don't recall seeing such big macarons at Hilton Singapore. The white lavender macaron is just plain sweet but the pistachio one is pretty good. Because of the high amount of icing sugar used, the shells are chewy with a nice exterior crisp but just too sweet to our liking. So we were practically gulping down the pot of white tea (白牡丹) to wash our palette.

Pai Mu Tan (白牡丹)

The cafe is located beside Vintage Bank and we can't help but to frame a picture out of it. Yea, that is also the time when we got stopped by the security guard.

Vintage Bank bar

Caffe Cino
Hilton, Kuala Lumpur
3 Jalan Stesen Sentral,
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 50470'
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