Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Ritz Carlton's mooncake 2009

Lychee-tini left me craving since sampling it at the Mid-Autumn Festival Mooncakes Fair @ Takashimaya B2 (17th Sept 09 to 3rd Oct 09) and is probably a rare gem which uses lychee and liquer (apart from Majestic Restaurant). Also last year's bestseller of Ritz Carlton, the refreshing lychee flavour coup with smooth lotus paste plus a tint of liquer makes us feel that it is one of the better and unique flavours we have come so far this year.

Mini Bing Pi Lychee-tini
Mini Bing Pi Lychee-tini
$36.00 (6 pieces)

The mini bing pi Green Tea Paste is a must-try for matcha fans. Upon cutting the mooncake, one will be greeted by the nice green tea fragrance and on the first bite, the velvety smooth and rich green tea paste leave one craving for more. Very similar to a good matcha mochi.

Mini Bing Pi Green Tea Paste
Mini Bing Pi Green Tea Paste
$36.00 (6 pieces)

Summer Pavilion
Ritz Carlton, Millenia Singapore
7 Raffles Avenue
Singapore 039799
Tel: 6337 8888

Ritz Carlton, Millenia Singapore's website
Website for Mooncake 2009


ice said...

This is your 7th mooncake entry you really can eat mooncakes lol. :) Peony jade has the mini snowskin lychee-tini and ganache this year, have you tried?

For the green tea paste, is it pure green tea paste or mixed with lotus like the usual flavored mooncakes?

Fen said...

Hmm... It may sound alot but not too bad. Cos I share it with my family members, Yuan's parents and my colleagues. So effectively some of the flavours I only ate half of a mini.

I tried Peony Jade's durian, banana yoghurt and strawberry yoghurt, have to admit that the small bit did impress... They didn't allow tasting for their champagne and lychee martini and I wasn't keen to buy 8 of them... So nope...

It seems to be of the similar filling as East Ocean's green tea. We can't be sure if it contains lotus paste but the overall taste is closer to an extremely smooth green tea paste...

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