Monday, September 21, 2009

Mooncakes from Rendezvous Hotel

Blackforest mooncake is Rendezvous Hotel's signature and is a unique blend of pistachio nut, cashew nut, red-cherry truffle and chocolate sauce. Due to the introduction of nuts into the filling, the filling has a slight powdery texture. On the personal note, this mooncake is very sweet and thus may not appeal to people who are health conscious or has a low sugar threshold. Also, these mooncakes have to be kept in the freezer as the high sugar content gives the snowskin a distinctive sticky texture.

Mini snow skin black forest mooncake with cherry chocolate truffle
Mini snow skin black forest mooncake with cherry chocolate truffle
$45.00 (8 pcs)

Durian seems to be a common theme for most hotels and bakeries this year and it is no surprise that Rendezvous Hotel has durian snowskin, particularly with their popularity of durian pengat and durian cake. Setting aside its similar sweet snowskin, one can feel the pulp and richness of the durian but for both flavours it will be better with a reduction of sugar.

Mini Snowskin with Durian
Mini snow skin mooncake with durian
$45.00 (8 pcs)

Lastly we would like to thank Christina, Marketing and Communications Manager of Rendezous for the chance to sample their hotel's signature mooncake.

Straits Cafe
Rendezvous Hotel Singapore
9 Bras Basah Road
Singapore 189559
Tel: 6335 1810 / 6335 1771

Rendezvous Hotel Singapore's website
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