Saturday, June 27, 2009


This is one place one will not want to miss out for English High Tea and has achieved almost 100% positive reviews via internet and word-of-mouth. Since Goodwood Park Hotel is housed in a uniquely designed building with decorative plasterwork and graceful archways, it is no surprise the ambience offered by L'Espresso was pleasant.

Located alongside the hotel lobby, this café offers comfy leather seats and floor-to-ceiling glass windows, providing plenty of natural lighting and a nice view of the main pool.

The buffet includes a beverage which can be tea, coffee and soft drinks. For an afternoon tea, the spread is worth mention with its main focus on sandwiches. The selection of sandwiches is extensive with fillings ranging from sausages, chicken, seafood, Parma ham, etc.; accompanied with fruits, vegetables, caviar, etc. to contrast the overall taste. Apart from the right proportion of filling, the slices of crustless, lightly buttered white bread is soft and fresh.

Sandwiches I

The open sandwiches looks lovely on its presentation and the few that leave a deep impression were, Tortilla Wrap with Pepper Chicken where chunks of well-seasoned chicken were neatly wrapped in the tortilla; Chicken with Apple & Apricot in Crispy Shell, a lovely twist from the conventional kueh pie tie where the fruits provides a refreshing and light punch; Salmon Mille Feuille with Caviar for its layering effect and freshness.

Sandwiches II

The croissant sandwiches were not soggy despite the generous filling and the soft, buttery pastry makes it delectable with a melt-in-your-mouth effect.

Finger food

Apart from the sandwiches, there is a small section of finger food. Something to munch on if you want savoury when taking a break from the desserts.


Many has raved about L'Espresso's scones and according to Yuan, it was one of the best which he has eaten so far. Slightly glazed on the top and has a cake-like texture.

Bread Pudding was more memorable for me for its fluffy buttery content. Sufficiently moist and not overly sweet.

Crème brûlée

Crème brûlée is a must try at L’Espresso and setting aside the conventional rich custard base with its layer of hard caramel. What makes it outstanding from the other crème brûlée we have tried was its strong and fragrant vanilla scent whiffing in every bite.

Diverse assortment of cakes

The dessert spread boasts a diverse assortment of fabulous cakes, fresh tropical fruits, tarts and chocolate fondue. This is one buffet dessert lovers would not want to miss out since L'Espresso includes Deli's popular cakes and pastries such as Goodwood's signature Royal Chocolate Crunchy Hazelnut, White Chocolate and Green Tea Cake, Apple Tart, Chocolate Éclair, Strawberry Tart and Cheesecake.

Petite desserts

People who don't mind a sour twist to their palette would not want to miss out the cassis slice for a nice combination of raspberry gelee and alternating layers of almond sponge cakes; lemon meringue tart for its generous lemon filling, topped with a hardened piece of meringue. Since the proportion of lemon filling tipped over the small blob of meringue, one can expect a sour twist on the tartlet pastry with a tiny hint of sweetness. Mango Pomelo Soup (杨枝甘露) was disappointing in our opinion as it resembles a mango puree rather than the version found in Chinese dessert huts. Probably lacks the coconut milk and evaporated milk.

Chocolate Fondue

Fruit Platter

Reservation is a must given its full house crowd on a Monday afternoon and service is commendable, given the frequency the tables were cleared and the water was refilled. With the pianist playing in the background, its classy ambience and the spread of tea, finger foods and desserts, it is no surprise that L'Espresso offers one of the best tea-buffet on the breezy poolside terrace. However, this buffet focus on English high tea so don’t expect a variety like what an international buffet gets to offer.

For Afternoon Tea,
Monday to Thursday - 2pm to 5pm
$33++ (A), $16.50++ (C, 6-11 years old)

There will be 2 seatings for Friday to Sunday,
11:30am to 2pm (1st seating)
2:30pm to 5pm (2nd seating)
There is a promotion for the first seating till the end June where each adult pays $28++; second seating remains at $33++ (A), $16.50++ (C, 6-11 years old).

Goodwood Park Hotel
22 Scotts Road
Singapore 228221

Operating hours :
Set Lunch - 12pm to 2pm
Afternoon Tea - 2pm to 5pm
Set Dinner - 6:30pm to 9:30pm
Drinks - 10am to 1am

Tel: 6730 1743
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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Durian Cake

Talking about durian treats, there are a few popular names in Singapore. Apart from the durian fiesta @ Goodwood Park Hotel and durian buffet @ Carlton Hotel, other choices for durian by-products includes Emicakes, Angie the Choice, Jane's Cake station and 717 Trading.

Emicakes has 3 types of durian cakes with varying percentage of durian pulp namely classic ($33.30, 20cm), premium ($42.80, 20cm), and ultimate ($51.90, 20cm); ultimate is not available off the shelf so pre-ordering is required. Apart from the pure durian cakes, they also have a D24 Durian Espresso ($42.80, 20cm) and eggless alternatives.

Premium D24 Durian Cake I

Like Goodwood Park Hotel, the durian cakes are frozen and has to be thawed for more than 2 hours before serving.

Premium D24 Durian Cake II

This is a combination which most bakeries will adopt when durian cake is concerned. Durian-flavoured cream, vanilla sponge and durian pulp filling to provide a refreshing after-taste, particularly when served chilled.

Having eaten the creations at Goodwood Park Hotel and Carlton Hotel lately, Emicakes' durian filling is alittle diluted and blend; lacking the punch from what Goodwood Park (Durian mousse cake - $8.50+ per slice) has to offers. Carlton Hotel (Durian cake - $6+ per slice) fares better for its lighter, fluffier cream and softer sponge so we personally felt that Emicakes' Premium D24 Durian Cake is expensive (i.e. $42.80 for 6 servings) since it has 3 layers of sponge with lots of butter cream and minimal durian pulp.

Emicakes, Toa Payoh
Blk 116
Lorong 2 Toa Payoh
Singapore 310116
Tel: 6353 2313

Operating hours - 9am to 9pm daily
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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Durian Fiesta @ Goodwood Park Hotel

In our second edition of the durian special, is proud to present "Goodwood Park Hotel".

Durian, also known as the “king of fruits”, is a love or hate relationship. But all durian lovers in Singapore, will not disregard the local fruit king creations available at Goodwood Park Hotel. Although the series of durian desserts are available since 1st March 2009, we have been anticipating the durian buffet offered at the Coffee Lounge.

Unlike the regular international buffets, Goodwood Park Hotel has its "Taiwan Porridge a La Carte Buffet", which includes more than 40 dishes and self service from the dessert buffet. From 1st June 2009 to 10th August 2009, the selection for the dessert buffet includes several durian pastries, ice-cream, fruit platters, cakes and hot Chinese desserts. This dessert buffet can also be enjoyed on its own at $19.80++ or with a top-up of $14.80++ with any purchase of a-la-carte items.

Dessert Buffet @ Coffee Lounge

Live station & Chinese Desserts

Apart from the dessert buffet offered at the Coffee Lounge, the Deli serves a variety of durian pastries beginning from 1st March till 10 August 2009. Since its inception in 1983, Goodwood Park Hotel’s annual Durian Fiesta has always been well received by both locals and foreigners. We are grateful for Ms Dorothy Lim from Goodwood Park Hotel for hosting us and allowing us to review this array of scrumptious creations.

Desserts tasting

Durian Strudel
Price: $8.80 per slice, $48 whole

Durian Strudel

The Durian Strudel is Goodwood’s newest creation and this is one which you will not want to miss. Between the crisp and flaky layers of pastry, the strudel is filled with Goodwood’s trademark D24 pulp filling as well as vanilla sponge. According to Dorothy, Goodwood Park Hotel prides the usage of the vanilla sponge in a strudel as this differentiate the pastry from the normal strudel available in the market. Also, the introduction of vanilla sponge also makes the overall taste less cloying and heaty but yet does not compromise on the durian pulp.

Durian Puff
Price: $2.20 per piece, $12.80/6 pieces, $39.80/ 20 pieces

Durian Puff

Need we say more about this signature dainty treats? The durian filling in the durian puff tends to be sweeter and creamier; unlike the regular pastry found in durian or custard cream puffs, Goodwood Park uses light choux pastry, thus resembling a chocolate éclair. Yuan prefers a slightly sweeter pastry though but the combination is heavenly in my opinion.

Durian Pancake

Durian Pancake

This is available in the live station of the dessert buffet and given that the pancake is sweeter than the choux pastry of the durian puff, Yuan favour this more than the latter. Having eaten this back to back with the durian puff, the durian filling used in both are distinctively different. The filling in durian puff tends to be creamier, bitterish and less sweet. In a way, the filling used in the pancake adopts a custard-like texture, thereby less heaty when compared to the puff.

Durian Pudding
Price: $3 per serving

Durian Pudding

Goodwood Park’s lighter version of Durian Pengat; unlike the regular addition of coconut milk to generate a thickened consistency, the use of milk makes it one of the best we have come across so far. This chilled dessert is silky in texture and promises substantial chunks of fresh durian pulp. We agree unaminously that the durian pudding is a good replacement for Durian Pengat.

Durian & Crunchy Hazelnut Tartlet
Price: $2.20 per piece, $12.80/6 pieces, $39.8/20 pieces

Durian & Crunchy Hazelnut Tartlet

Sharing the same filling as the durian puff, this can be considered a marriage of indulgent flavours. Comprising of durian mousse, milk chocolate, hazelnut wafer and generous toppings of roasted hazelnuts, the resulting taste includes the crunchiness of hazelnuts, smooth durian filling, buttery tartlet shell with a touch of hazelnut praline. From our understanding from Dorothy, this is a hit with the children. However durian fanatics will find that the hazelnut overshadows the signature durian filling.

Durian, Pandan & Coconut Cake
Price: $8 per Slice, $46.80 per 1.3kg Cake

Durian, Pandan & Coconut Cake

First introduced in 2005, this is a splendid twist to the signature durian mousse cake. Since it is layered with pandan (Screwpine leaf) sponge, the durian mousse is more concentrated than the latter. Encompassing with pandan sponge crunchy coconut flakes, this is refreshing and resembled that of a nonya kueh. Though the pandan sponge did not stand out as compared to the durian mousse, the combination of coconut and durian is easily accepted by most.


This dessert tasting session does show that each of the durian creation is unique in its way. Since the combination of each creation is delicately paired with ingredients such as choux pastry, crepe, pandan, hazelnut, oreo, etc, each has its niche to appeal to the masses. Apart from the accompanying ingredients, the amount of durian, sweetness and texture varies from one creation to another. To ask for the best among the entire lot, we find it difficult to choose as each is good and unique but should you have room for only one creation, don’t miss out on the Durian strudel.

Citibank, DBS Credit & Debit Card members and Goodwood Park Hotel Gourmet Cardmembers get to enjoy a 15% discount on takeaway durian pastries at the Deli from 1 March to 10 August 2009 .

Durian Fiesta at the Deli Goodwood Park Hotel
1 March to 10 August 2009

Goodwood Park Hotel
22 Scotts Road
Singapore 228221
Tel: 6730 1786

Operating hours
- 9am to 9pm daily
Website for Deli & Coffee Lounge
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Royal Choc Crunchy Hazelnut

Goodwood Park Hotel has always been popular for their durian pastries but little do I know that this cake is said to be the hotel’s signature. If you have screen through the list of chocolate + hazelnut praline we have at, you will roughly know what my comments for this would be.

In short, this is a delectable, creamy and crunchy chocolate and hazelnut praline cake that has not disappoint and this can be gotten at $7.80+ per slice, $30+ for a 6” and $50+ for an 8”.

Royal Chocolate Crunchy Hazelnut

In case you are wondering what is available at the Deli, they have Oreo Cheesecake and Tiramisu ($7.50+ per slice, $30+ for 6" and $48+ for 8") for the month of June and the Father's Day Special for this year would be the Chocolate Cigar Cake ($48+, 8").

Other items available at the Deli includes Apple Tart ($7.50 per slice, $48+ for 8"), Chocolate Éclair ($3+), Strawberry Tart ($6+), Milk Chocolate with Raspberry Cake ($6+), Mango Pudding ($6+), Loaf Cakes (e.g. Chocolate Mud, Lychee & Raspberry Butter and Orange Pund @ $3+/9.50+).

Note that there is a 50% discount for pastries and sliced cakes (except for durian goodies) from 8pm to 9pm daily.

Goodwood Park Hotel
22 Scotts Road
Singapore 228221
Tel: 6730 1786

Operating hours
- 9am to 9pm daily
Website for Deli
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White Chocolate and Green Tea Cake

White Chocolate and Green Tea Cake is one of the newer creations of Goodwood Park and is available off the Deli shelf but on first come first serve basis. Selling at $7.50+ per slice, $30+ for a 6” and $48+ for an 8”, this cake bores pleasant surprise to green tea lovers.

White chocolate with green tea

A cross-cultural pairing of green tea mousse, white chocolate and vanilla sponge; the resulting effect is heavenly. The slight bitterness of the green tea mousse compliments the sweetness of the white chocolate nicely and the combination of vanilla sponge and mousse provides a moist, light and creamy texture all in a bite.

It is always difficult to present Matcha or Japanese green tea in the form of desserts for its complex characteristic, often grassy and bitter. But combining with classic flavours such as chocolate and vanilla makes it a different story.

Since white chocolate lacks the cocoa intensity, it is no surprise that the accompanying layers do not mask the flavor of matcha. Also, the introduction of white chocolate provides a creamier, more luxurious mouth feel to offset the bitterness of the green tea.

Note that there is a 50% discount for pastries and sliced cakes (except for durian goodies) from 8pm to 9pm daily.

Goodwood Park Hotel
22 Scotts Road
Singapore 228221
Tel: 6730 1786

Operating hours
- 9am to 9pm daily
Website for Deli
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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Carlton Hotel's Durian buffet

Update: Don't miss out on Carlton Hotel's Durian Buffet from 15 June 2011 to 15 August 2011.

Durian season is back. In our first special for the durian session, would like to introduce a place where one can enjoy fresh shucked durian at the heart of Singapore city. This is none other the durian buffet served at Café Vic, Carlton Hotel, which is also the first hotel in Singapore to bring in this concept.

Cafe Vic

As the durian theme is focused on the desserts, the selection of the other spread is pretty much like an international buffet. One can expect a decent selection of savoury dishes ranging from beef brisket, crispy leatherjacket with thai chilli, roast chicken, mutton curry, braised beancurd with seafood, mixed vegetables, fried ee-fu noodles and garlic rice.

Hot and Cold Section

Not forgetting the cold section, which includes cold appetizers such as cold soba noodles, Japanese tofu, prawn cocktail, etc; and seafood on ice with a choice of shuckled oysters, prawns and salmon sashimi.

Salmon Sashimi

On the other side of the cafe, there is a live section where one can enjoy BBQ Stingray and Squid. Rarely do you find such local delicacies in a hotel buffet. Baby Back Ribs and Noodle soup are available at this section...

Live Section

Since the buffet focuses on durian, I shan't flood the entire entry with photos of every single corner of the cafe. When introducing any buffets, spread is important and at a price tag of $45++, what is offered is acceptable. Taste-wise, the food is not overly salty and the wide variation of cooking is suitable for everybody. Mild, well-seasoned and easily acceptable.

Of course, there are a few dishes worth mentioning. For instance, the crispy leatherjacket is fresh and the batter is light which goes well with the thai chili; fried garlic rice and ee-fu noodle did make me go for a second serving; winter melon soup was definitely a refreshing treat after bouts of durian spree; BBQ stingray and squid were Yuan's favourite for the evening; not forgetting my attention spent on the salad, cheese and bread section.

Touching on the dessert section, to cater to non-durian lovers, one will be surprised by the array of fresh fruits offered by the cafe.

Fruit platter

Also, the sweet treats are extended to a wide selection of cakes, ranging from Banana Chocolate Cake, Strawberry Cheese Cake, Trutti Fruitti, etc.

Chocolate Banana Cake & Strawberry Cheesecake

Not forgetting the all-time favourite chocolate fondue and the accompanying petite desserts.

Desserts & Chocolate fondue

Now for the highlights of the buffet, there are >10 durian items on the buffet, namely Durian puff, Durian tarts, Durian Crème Brulee, Durian Pudding, Durian Waffle, Durian Pancake, Durian Bo Bo Cha Cha, Durian Mousse Cake, Durian Ice-cream, Durian Kueh, Durian Fudge Cake and Freshly shucked durians.

Freshly shuckled durians

Durian fanatics would be overwhelmed by these varied choices. Well to make things simple, if you are the hard core durian fan, go straight for the freshly shucked durians. This time round, Café Vic brought in 红虾, Red Prawn Durian (slightly elongated and reddish flesh sort).

红虾 (Red Prawn Durian)

However if you want solid durian but yet want to try some desserts, go for the durian waffles and pancakes. The batter used for the pancake and waffle are relatively identical and go well with durian pulp.

Durian puffs, waffles & pancakes

If you are saving room for the freshly shucked durians, go for the Durian pudding or Durian Bo Bo Cha Cha. These are light desserts which are fairly fluid with tint of milk and durian pulp.

Durian Bo Bo Cha Cha

Last but not least, if you are not really a durian fan, you can try the rest of the durian desserts, they are pretty mild. The Durian Mousse Cake for instance is close to the fresh cream cake with a thin layer of durian mousse. The Durian Chocolate Fudge is closer to a chocolate mousse cake as chocolate tend to overwhelm the durian taste. The bottom line – given the wide selection, you should at least find one item which you like.

Durian Mousse Cake

Durian Creme Brulee

To sum up, the spread of durian desserts and the quality of 红虾, Red Prawn Durian impresses. Some may find the spread of savoury items a little modest but keep in mind that this buffet is only charged at $45++ and on top of the savoury items, there is an extensive range of durian desserts and fresh shucked durians.

We would also like to thank Ms Leung, Marketing Communications Manager of Carlton Hotel for the opportunity to take photos of the buffet and the kind assistance of Chef McKern, making the dining experience memorable. Lastly special thanks to Carlton Hotel for the complimentary meal.

Durian Buffet Dinner
June 2009 to 31st July 2009 (6:30pm to 10:30pm)
$45++(A) $23++(C, 5 - 12 yrs)

Durian Dessert Buffet
June 2009 to 31st July 2009 (8pm - 10pm)
$18++(A) $13++(C, 5 - 12 yrs)
Note: Not inclusive of freshly shucked durians

UOB card members get 15% off the total bill, excluding drinks

Café Vic
Carlton Hotel Singapore
76 Bras Basah Road
Singapore 189558
Tel: 6311 8195
Website for Café Vic
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Monday, June 15, 2009

Tampopo Deli

As expected we did not stop just at the Scoop cake, here's the review of the other 3 desserts which we had.

Cream puff

This cream puff is only available at the hourly mark and are sold at $2.60 each or $5 for 2. Make sure you arrive 10 minutes prior as it gets sold out almost instantly when it is out from the oven. Is this wait worth the time?

Well I guess it is slightly better than Beard Papa in the sense that the puff is more dense and the top layer is more crispy and biscuit like. Further the cream used is more moist as opposed to the custard filling in Beard Papa. However, I personally wouldn't wait till the hourly mark unless I happen to be there.

Milk Pudding

Milk Pudding, $3.20
This taste pretty similar to MacDonanlds soft serve except that it is less sweet.

Mrs Ichigo

Mrs Ichigo, $4.80
Mrs Ichigo taste pretty similar to the scoop cake apart from the raspberry sauce drizzled on the fresh cream giving it a sourism after-taste.

Tampopo Deli
177 River Valley Road #B1-16
Liang Court Shopping Centre
Singapore 179030
Tel: 6338-7386
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Saturday, June 13, 2009

No. 14 - Scoop Cake @ Tampopo Deli

Scoop Cake

Probably one of the best Japanese fresh cream chiffon in town. The cream is dense and has a tint of vanilla scent. This is one cream which I don't mind wasting my calories on. It is topped with fresh strawberries, orange and apricot. Take note that this cake gets sold out pretty fast and it cannot stay outside the fridge for very long. Best eaten at the shop. Each slice of scoop cake costs $6.

Tampopo Deli
177 River Valley Road #B1-16
Liang Court Shopping Centre
Singapore 179030
Tel: 6338-7386
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Friday, June 12, 2009


Ochacha being a matcha concept cafe, served a variation of matcha-infused drinks and desserts. Being a variation of green tea, it is not surprising that its increasing popularity might be due to its high anti-oxidant content which is useful against cancer and aging.

Interior of Ochacha

Somehow or rather, this cafe is spacious with a combination of white and green. The addition of sofa seats just makes it an ideal place to unwind after work or relax after shopping.

Interior of Ochacha II

This is definitely not my first visit to Ochacha but I have to admit that I didn't like the matcha latte and freezies served in Ochacha, probably due to its low milk content. However, my curiousity was stirred on their new drink, Matcha meltdown ($5.40+, introductory price). Interestingly, this is served with warm milk being poured over a couple of matcha (concentrate) ice-cubes. Like the right balance of milk and matcha and definitely refreshing for Singapore's hot weather.

Matcha Meltdown

My favourite dessert of Ochacha till date is the Panna Cotta ($3.90+) for its thick, velvetly smooth green-tea flavoured cream.

Matcha Panna Cotta

Kyoto Cheesecake ($6.20+)

Kyoto cheesecake

The Kyoto cheesecake is a lighter alternative for those who dislike those rich cheesecake.Tint matcha taste and a layer of sweet red bean paste over the top. Something worth looking out for.

Ochacha ~ the macha latte people
252 North Bridge Road
Raffles City Shopping Centre,
Singapore 179103
Tel: 6333 5886

Do note that Ochacha @ Raffles City has closed but there is another branch at The Paragon (290 Orchard Road), #B1-25. The telephone number for the Paragon branch is 6737 3889.
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Saturday, June 6, 2009

No. 9 Praline Feuillete from SomethingToGo

Little did I know that this is a drive-through gourmet deli, so in a way, this is a place to call, order, drive-in and go.

Something To Go @ The Regent

I didn't have a detailed look of what is available on the shelf but SomethingToGo has a pre-order menu which allows ordering at least 1 hour in advance and delivery charges ($50) will be waived for orders above $300. The selection offers is pretty comprehensive ranging from Breakfast, Italian, Continental, Asian Summer Palace Specialties and Salads. For the menu, it is easily obtainable upon request via their email.

Shop Interior

Apart from the wide selection of freshly baked breads, savouries and cakes, it also has a retail section selling fine jams, dried fruit and specialty fudge.

Cake display

Didn't know that their doughnuts are popular but I have to admit the cakes display look lovely and the selection is pretty decent, ranging from chocolate, fruits, tarts and surprisingly durian mousse.

Outdoor dining area

Anyway, SomethingToGo has an outdoor dining area. However, given the hot weather in Singapore, the food purchased from SomethingToGo can also be enjoyed at the Regent's Tea-Lounge but the price will be different from the one on their menu. Also, at Regent's Tea Lounge, they serve afternoon tea, a 3 tier set served with sandwiches, scones and deserts on weekdays and high tea in a buffet style on weekends.

Praline Feuillette

My reason for visiting SomethingToGo is obvious, as the Sunday Times has listed their Praline Feuillete to be one of the 50 yummiest cakes. This cake was described to be "Smooth, spongy and soft, all these textures come together delightfully in this cake where chocolate mousse is layered onto a chocolate sponge with a crunchy hazelnut base".

Chocolate mousse and hazelnut praline is one of the most common combination found in hotel bakeries and patisseries; and most of the time, this combination is neutral enough to be received by the majority. This is definitely one of the better ones I had but depending on one's location, Privé bakery café and The Patissier are pretty good alternatives too.

The Regent Singapore - A Four Seasons Hotel
One Cuscaden Road
Singapore 249715
Tel: 6720 8000

Operating hours - 9am to 9pm (daily)
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Friday, June 5, 2009

Pistachio Cake

Pistachio is a favourite nut of mine and I know of a couple of friends who likes the by-products of Pistachio. When it comes to ice-cream, Tom's palette has something really solid to satisfy for these Pistachio fanatics but talking about cakes, it is really tricky to incorporate Pistachio into cakes.

Most of the time, the strength of Pistachio in cakes is very subtle and it is the accompanying flavour that stands out from the rest. In case you are wondering what I am trying to drive at, here are my past encounters of Pistachio-based cakes,

Hilton's Pistachio Strawberry

Strawberry Pistachio

CentrePs' Pisa


BakerZin's Fraisier


Nectarie's Pistachio White Chocolate

Pistachio White Chocolate

and so far, the impression of each was either passable or forgotten.

Pistachio Cake

The version Hotel Regent has is a combination of mousse and cake. The pistachio mousse has a strong after-taste of almond, making it pretty similar to the Chinese dessert, 杏仁糊 (almond paste). The first bite is impressive but the presence of coconut milk makes it extremely rich to consume the entire cake. In fact, as more bites were taken, the taste inclined towards a Nonya Kueh.

The sponge is like walnut cakes due to the addition of nuts but the fragrance of pistachio is not there and can be easily mistaken as a walnut cake. This is one cake which I don't know whether I have enjoyed it but is definitely one which I will not pick it up on my second visit.

The macaron is good though, though lack the crispy shell, the fragrance of it is worth a mention.

The Regent Singapore - A Four Seasons Hotel
One Cuscaden Road
Singapore 249715
Tel: 6720 8000

Operating hours - 9am to 9pm (daily)
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