Monday, June 15, 2009

Tampopo Deli

As expected we did not stop just at the Scoop cake, here's the review of the other 3 desserts which we had.

Cream puff

This cream puff is only available at the hourly mark and are sold at $2.60 each or $5 for 2. Make sure you arrive 10 minutes prior as it gets sold out almost instantly when it is out from the oven. Is this wait worth the time?

Well I guess it is slightly better than Beard Papa in the sense that the puff is more dense and the top layer is more crispy and biscuit like. Further the cream used is more moist as opposed to the custard filling in Beard Papa. However, I personally wouldn't wait till the hourly mark unless I happen to be there.

Milk Pudding

Milk Pudding, $3.20
This taste pretty similar to MacDonanlds soft serve except that it is less sweet.

Mrs Ichigo

Mrs Ichigo, $4.80
Mrs Ichigo taste pretty similar to the scoop cake apart from the raspberry sauce drizzled on the fresh cream giving it a sourism after-taste.

Tampopo Deli
177 River Valley Road #B1-16
Liang Court Shopping Centre
Singapore 179030
Tel: 6338-7386


evan 이벤젤린 said...

this looks very ispahan-ish, not sure if its the rose decor u used haha. and i wonder if the name mrs ichigo is "inspired" by pierre herme's miss gla gla, the ispahan ice cream lollipop :D

Fen said...

O.o... Didn't know about Pierre Herme's Miss Gla Gla...

Maybe the use of rose petals is misleading but this is closer to a strawberry shortcake... with raspberry drizzle...

Now that you mention, it might be nice if it is lychee flaovoured...

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