Saturday, September 5, 2009

Goodwood Park Hotel's Mooncakes 2009

Mooncakes are regarded to be an indispensable delicacy during the Mid-Autumn Festival. This also serves an opportunity for the eateries in Singapore to whip out creative flavours. For foodies like us, this is something to look forward to every year, apart from the predictable lotus seed paste in a baked crust.

We are honoured to receive a box of Assorted Snowskin Combo from Goodwood Park Hotel and many thanks to the Senior Marketing Communications Executive, Ms. Dorothy Lim for the opportunity and time to explain the specialities and new creation of Goodwood Park.

Signature snowskin flavours of Goodwood Park Hotel are none other the D24 Durian Paste in Snowskin ($26 for 2 pcs; $48 for 4 pcs) and the Cempedak Paste in Snowskin ($26 for 2 pcs; $48 for 4 pcs).

D24 Durian Paste in Snowskin

The filling taste close to the Durian Mousse Cake of Goodwood Park. According to Dorothy, the filling is suppose to be similar to the one used in the hotel's durian puffs but we thought that it is more concentrated and has more chunks of durian pulp. Overall, this is no doubt an all-time favourite for durian lovers.

Cempedak Paste in Snowskin

And when we thought that the durian mooncake was rich with durian pulp, the Cempedak Paste in Snowskin surprised us further. This is definitely not a paste but almost like the real fruit, condensed within the snowskin. The first mooncake to be devoured completely among the 4 flavours.

Soursop Paste in Snowskin

Apart from the signature items, the creativity of Executive Pastry Chef Lim Kim Wah presents this year's new creation, Soursop Snowskin Mooncake ($22 for 2 pcs; $40 for 4 pcs). The thought of introducing sweet and tangy flavours in a traditional pastry is bound to stir most curiousity.

The mooncake is filled with smooth, velvety puree and juicy pulp made from fresh soursops. Our personal take for this refreshing treat is that it was too sour to our liking. No doubt the pulp from the soursops add an extra crunch but the paste that comes with it just makes the overall taste similar to a lemon mochi.

Mango with Pomelo in Snowskin

Of course, back by popular demand, a hot favourite from last year - Mango with Pomelo in Snowskin Mooncake ($22 for 2 pcs; $40 for 4 pcs). Inspired by the all-time favourite dessert at Min Jiang, Mango with Pomelo and Sago, one can expect bursting flavours of smooth mango puree with mango cubes and pomelo sac. Since the filling is slightly curd-like in comparison to the dessert, it tastes close to a mango pudding.

Apart from these snowskin mooncakes, Goodwood Park Hotel also has 5 lotus seed varieties namely, Lotus Seed Paste with Melon Seeds, Lotus Seed Paste with Double Yolks, Lotus Seed Paste with Four Yolks, Assorted Nuts with Ham and White Lotus Seed Paste with Double Yolks.

All mooncakes are available from 19 August to 3 Oct 2009 at the Deli.

For more details, refer the promotion page of Goodwood Park Hotel.

Goodwood Park Hotel
22 Scotts Road
Singapore 228221
Tel: 6730 1786

Operating hours - 9am to 9pm daily
Website for Deli


Anonymous said...

I've tried the Goodwood Park durian mooncake, and it's good. But ever since I had Home's Favourite black durian mooncake, that's been my favourite durian mooncake :)

Fen said...

Agreed with you on Home Favourite's black durian mooncake. I tried that during the Taka fair but alas I have placed my order with Goodwood Park and Marriott...

There are so many durian players this year and the other that is worth mentioning is Peony Jade... But then again, they have the same durian mooncake photo on their brochure as 717 Trading so I am not sure if they are of the same source...

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