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Mooncakes by Carlton Hotel

Mooncakes from Carlton Hotel

While the lunar 7th month has only just started, sgdessert will start the build up to this chinese festival by reviewing some of the mooncakes available in Singapore. Our first mooncake special brings us to Carlton Hotel.

Although snowy mooncakes (冰皮月餅) were only introduced in the early 1980s, these modified mooncakes have been popular among young adults. With a wide range of various fillings, it is not surprising that there are new flavours being churned out by hotel and restuarant chefs to outshine and surprise foodies. In recent years, ingredients such as chocolate, fruits (fig, durian, melons, lychees, etc), vegetables (wheatgrass, yam, sweet potatoes) have been added to give a modern twist to the traditional recipes. Also, to accomodate to the health-conscious lifestyle, mooncakes has undergone a diversification to provide fat-free and low-sugar mooncakes.

Freshly made from the finest ingredients by the hotel's award-winning master chefs of Wah Lok Cantonese Restaurant, there are 3 new creations this year - Lavender, Wheatgrass with melon seed & White Lotus Paste with Hazelnut. If you are undecided about which snowskin to try, it comes in a box of 8 - 2 of each flavours including their durian snowskin mooncake. ($49) .

Lavender Mooncake

Snowskin Mooncake with Lavender and White Lotus Paste
Lavender, known for its smoothing fragrance and calming qualities, is creatively infused with white lotus paste in this mini snowskin delight. We have tried many lavender by products such as violette macaron, lavender with chocolate mousse, lavender ice cream. If it is not done well, it could make it seems like you are eating some aromatherapy essential oil. In this case, it is pretty mild, you will feel the smoothness of the lotus paste with a hint of the flowery scent. Rather unique and refreshing.

Wheatgrass & Melon Seeds Mooncake

Snowskin Mooncake with Wheatgrass, Melon Seeds and white Lotus Paste
This new flavour is perfect for the beauty conscious as wheatgrass is known for its detoxifying properties. Though, the strength of wheatgrass is almost non detectable and that there is very little melon seeds, this snowskin mooncake trumphs by the smooth lotus paste.

Hazelnut & Nata De Coco Mooncake

Snowskin Mooncake with Hazelnut Paste and Nata De Co Co
Rich in aroma and light on your palette, this sweet delight is sure to impress with the fragrant paste and crunchy bits.

Somehow or rather the snowskin used in this and durian is different from the above 2, the snowskin crumbles and is a little dry in its texture. The filling, on the other hand, is similar to nutella minus the chocolate and that the Nata De Co Co bits provides a little crunch. Something different but the former 2 appeals more.

Durian Mooncake

Durian Snowskin Mooncakes
Having eaten many durian desserts the previous month. The durian snowskin mooncake does not shine out. The durian content is pretty low and resembles eating the Thai Durian Kueh, particuarly when its filling is chewy. The snowskin, similar to the hazelnut one, is dry, if not the driest among the 4.

Overall infusing lavender and hazelnut into lotus paste is unique. The smoothness of lotus paste remains but an alternative secondary flavour (e.g. lavender and wheatgrass) brings in a different appeal to people who likes the conventional lotus paste but not overwhelmed with alcohol or chocolate.

Last but not least, we would also like to thank Ms Leung of Carlton Hotel for letting us sample these new creations.

Exclusively for UOB Cardmembers
Early bird special
1 Aug to 6 Sep 2009 - 20% discount for 1-20boxs; 25% for 21 boxes and above
7 Sep to 3 Oct 2009 - 15% discount

Wah Lok Cantonese Restaurant
Carlton Hotel Singapore
76 Bras Basah Road
Singapore 189558
Tel 6338 8333
Website for Mooncake special


Yun said...

how lovely! hopefully I'll have some spare time to make a few mooncakes next week.

Fen said...

I have always envy people who can bake and cook... Are mooncakes available at UK?

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