Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Blackforest by Decadence Cakes

As mentioned in my previous post, BlackForest, an alcoholic cake, was supposed to replace my choice for ChocoNanas. As described on her website, Blackforest is a white beauty and don't be fooled by the serenity of this cake, the fresh whipped cream masquerades a rush that comes from the "cake-full" of brandied cherries and kirsch soaked chocolate sponge. Feel the love!

Sold at $45 for a 8” cake and $55 for a 9” cake.

Fen’s comments

I didn’t like this as much as Simply chocolate as I thought the amount of cream was just too much. However, when my family ate this at home, it was chilled and thus was not as marshy as what I had in the afternoon.

It seems like my family likes this more than Simply chocolate and for those who like cakes from Secret Recipe, this is recommended. Victoria is very generous with her cherries and the alcoholic taste was just right. I personally thought it would be better if the chocolate sponge is thicker; her chocolate chiffon is simply addictive.

Yuan’s comments

I just loved the rum and chocolate combination. When I smell the liqueur smell, I knew I would love this cake. I guess the only flaw I found in this black forest was it has too much fresh cream in the middle. (Refer to photo above) However if you leave the cake in the fridge and eat it the next day, it somehow tasted like ice cream cake. In general this Blackforest is one of the best which I have eaten. Maybe its just me and rum. :)


Decadence cakes by Victoria (Closed)


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