Saturday, October 18, 2008

Macha Roll Cake from Pâtisserie Dessert Couture

As mentioned in my previous entry, I simply cannot resist Evan's photos of her desserts and apart from her macarons, I have also ordered a macha roll cake from her. Based on the description of her website, this is a delicate macha sponge cake roll filled with either the choice of macha creme chantilly (sweetened whipped cream) or buttercream.

Aren't those little gumpaste flowers lovely. The colour of her macha roll cake is of such a lovely green and the chantilly cream just provides the contrast, making it so fresh and delicious.

Fen's comments

It is always hard to find a good matcha cake as the balance between sweetness and the after-taste of green tea is difficult to achieve. Some are strong with the after-tea taste while others are mild and blended with chocolate, sweet potato, etc. I personally prefer green tea on its own and I thought even Azuki (Red bean) will overshadow green tea.

So far, I have only came across 3 green tea creations that is topped with whipped cream and that is the Matcha Chiffon from Tampopo Deli, Matcha Cotton from Ochacha and Evan's Macha Roll cake and I can dare say these 3 remains my favourite. Tampopo's Matcha Chiffon has the strongest green tea after-taste and due to its high green tea content, it has a slightly dense and wetter texture than the other 2. Ochacha's Matcha Cotton, on the other hand, is much milder and lighter in its texture... Evan's Macha Roll Cake happens to fall in between the two.

The beauty about Evan's creations is that it is home-baked and thus generally not sweet. I didn't regret my choice of buying macarons and macha roll cake from her as I was indeed craving for more. The simplicity of her macha roll cake is so lovely at sight and the soft and springy cake sponge with a slight after-taste of macha is simply addictive. However, I do find it alittle steep as it costs $8 per roll (8" in length) but do keep in mind that it is hand-baked and thus deserve a higher price than the bakes in confectionaries such as Bengawan Solo and Prima Deli. The same logic goes to Chinese New Year goodies when people are willing to pay 3 times more for home-bakes.

Yuan's comments

This is a very light chiffon cake with a tint of matcha smell. It is not too bad on its own however I found the cream in the center too thick.

Pâtisserie Dessert Couture

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