Saturday, May 17, 2008

Matcha Chiffon, recommended by Tampopo Deli

The Matcha Chiffon is a thumb up and is recommended by Tampopo Deli. The Matcha taste is really strong and the cake is soft with a slightly chewy texture (might be due to the introduction of Matcha). This is the winning factor as most of the Matcha cakes I have tried has a powdery after-taste. Though it cannot be seen from the photo, the centre cream is mixed with sliced strawberries, which I felt would be better if it is Azuki. The cream is the same as the Scoop cake but not as much so this cake won't make you feel so sin. This will scored a 8.5/10 for being the yummiest Matcha cake I have tasted so far.

Tampopo Deli
177 River Valley Road #B1-16
Liang Court Shopping Centre
Singapore 179030
Tel: 6338-7386


shiawase said...

i must admit matcha chiffon cake is the best matcha cake i ever had. it is real soft!

Fen said...

Yea, I liked this the most when I had it with the Scoop Cake and Cheese Chiffon... Not only the cake is good, the cream that comes with it is so feathery light...

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