Thursday, May 15, 2008

Lavande from BakerZin

Lavande is one of the richest chocolate cakes in bazerin. You can see a layer of chocolate fudge (dark chocolate sort) and 2 layers of mousse. The bottom layer (the darker mousse) is soaked with lavender essence. Personally I felt that the lavender smell sort of spoils the taste for a chocolate cake. It is like eating those chocolate with orange. Each slice costs $6.90++.

Verdict 6/10 (try it only if you don’t mind the lavender smell)

Fen: I have always been a fan of dark chocolate and trust me, this really satisfy your chocolate carving. When you have it parallel with chocolate amer, I would say one is a male and the other is a female. Why is that so? Lavande is of a dark chocolate base and despite the high chocolate content, it maintains the smoothness. I find that this factor makes this cake the best dark chocolate mousse due to the velvety smooth mousse. If you have eaten Nama chocolate from Royce you will know that the bitter version is not as smooth as the other ones. So, with a higher cocoa content, the difficulty of making it smooth is tough and Bravo to BakerZin for such a wonderful piece of art.

Females generally will like this cake as we are always into flowery tea. I am serious, I ate this with Chocolate Amer with 3 females and a male. The only male finds the lavender taste yucky while the females enjoyed it with a satisfied smile on their faces. Maybe there is just this yin-yang factor when it comes to a "masculine" cake.

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