Saturday, May 10, 2008

No. 6... Chocolate Amer from BakerZin

"This is the ultimate chocolate indulgence, combining a flourless chocolate sponge with bitter chocolate mousse. The dark side has never been so alluring".

As seen in our other reviews, this is the “KING of chocolate mousse. I personally felt that this is the best chocolate mousse that I have eaten in my cake adventure. It is made of 2 layers mousse and 2 layers of cake. The top layer of mousse is scattered with chocolate powder and the center layer of cake is made with dark chocolate similar to those of chocolate fudge. The overall combination is heavenly. Each slice of chocolate amer costs $6.20++.

Verdict: 9.5/10 (9.5 just in case if I did find a better cake)


Fen: You will appreciate this beauty even more when you eat this with Lavande. I always thought that this cake is the best because of the smooth milk chocolate mousse but having eaten together with Lavande, you will notice that the nicest thing about this cake is the dark chocolate cake sandwiched between the mousse. This thin layer of cake enhances the taste of the chocolate mousse due to its rich chocolaty and chewy after taste, thereby giving an ultimate texture if you leave it to melt in your mouth.

As mentioned, I treat this as a female counterpart of Lavande due to a smoother and lighter experience. My female buddies felt that the best thing is that Amer is infused with Lavender but yuan, being the only guy, felt that it is so good on its own...

On second thought, I think my analogy of a male and female seems to fit into this picture even more.

I wouldn't give a score for any of them as it would depend on individual preference and mood of that day but if I were to rank it, on normal days I will go for Amer and if I am stressed or moody, I will prefer Lavander for the extra chocolate boost. As for the Roulade and Sweet Pleasure. Neh, I don't really fancy "contaminated" chocolate, apart from alcohol.

Bakerzin []
Takashimaya Food Hall
(Takeaway Counter)
391 Orchard Road
Takashimaya Department Store
Singapore 238872


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