Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Awfully chocolate's All chocolate

Yuan, Yanquan and I had tried this cake 4 years ago and that is right after a television program featuring Awfully Chocolate. Surprisingly, all 3 of us finds is horrible and only the "Hei" ice-cream was good. In fact, at that time, only my youngest sister knew how to appreciate this cake. Not sure why we didn't like it, maybe we didn't find the cake soft enough.

My impression changed all together after my classmate bought this cake for Xingyi's and my birthday, which is 2007. That was after I have eaten Lana's & Jane's chocolate fudge cake, Baker's Inn's chocolate Amer, Obolo's noisette and The line's chocolate mousse. So in a way, my expectation of a chocolate cake or mousse has increased.

The cake is indeed moist and soft and the chocolate fudge is really creamy. I thought it was really good but... after having a chocolate spree with Baker's Inn, I didn't like the cake as much as before. I thought the chocolate was not rich enough...

I guess cakes is a preference issue. It depends on your mood and what you have eaten over the span of the previous week. Somehow or rather, our tongue and brain are good at making comparison so this blog is only used as a reference if you are looking for a cake... Muahahaha....

Awfully chocolate (Cluny Court)
501 Bukit Timah Road
Singapore 259760
Tel: 6469 0565
Open 11am to 8:30pm daily


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