Wednesday, June 11, 2008

No. 47... Mango Mousse Cake from Greenhouse (Ritz Carlton)

This cake is only available as a whole and trust me, the service offered by Ritz Carlton is really superb. They reply your email really fast, no deposit and viola, the cake is ready for collection in a nice and personalized manner. Have alook.

Candidate No. 47 - Prettiest cake "Savour this mixture of mango jelly and mango mousse sandwiched between layers of vanila sponge and topped with fresh mango balls and edible flowers"

Those pretty yellow balls are mangoes!!! Really sweet and juicy... It is a pity I didn't munch those flowers, I thought they were inedible though... Surrounding the cake is light finger sponges. These sponges are not rough in texture at all, in fact, slightly crispy on the outside and really fine and springy on the inside...

After cutting the cake, you will see the thick layer of mango mousse that is so light that it tastes like mango pudding. If you leave the sliced cake out for too long, the mango balls will slide off and the mousse will collapse alittle. In between the mousse, there is mango jelly... Yummy...

As I told yuan, this cake is alittle like the durian mousse of Goodwood Park. Unless you are a real mango fan, if not, you will find this cake too "mangoey" to your liking. Personally, I would say this is the best mango mousse I have ever tried. The mangoes used were so sweet and juicy, the mousse is light but alittle too sweet to my liking. The finger sponge is so light and fine but I don't fancy the jelly.

This cake is only serve in 1 size, 20-cm for 10 portions at $58 + 7% GST ($62.06) but for a family of 5 and of which 3 are mango lovers, this is not that huge after all. For the quality of the mangoes used and the effort to decorate and layer this cake, I would say it is not that pricey.

I have eaten the mango mousse of Baker's Inn and I didn't like it as I am not a fan of the finger sponge (more to a chiffon person). Thus, if you want me to make a comparison, I would give a 5/10 to Baker's Inn and a 8/10 to Greenhouse... But as a whole, it will be a 7/10 (slightly higher than the durian mousse I had earlier).

*Choc-a-bloc will be delayed for another 4 weeks as I will be going to the Line with my darling to celebrate our 8th year... I will skip the cakes from the Line Shop and indulge myself in all the desserts during the buffet...

Yuan's Comments on the Mango Mousse

This is the sort of cake whereby you need to specially place an order for and purchase as a whole cake. Thus Fen placed an order and we went down to Ritz Carlton to collect. To our surprise, we had to seat and wait for about 15mins before we receive the cake. I suspect that this was the time taken for them to crave out those small mango balls and place them on the top of this cake.

Other than those sweet mango balls that you see on the top of the cake. The cake is surrounded by those sponge cake. Typically i would expect this sort of sponge cake that surrounds a mousse to be hard, but on the contrary it is very soft and lightly sweeten. The rest of the cake is mainly mango mousse with a layer of mango and a layer of cake at the base.

Verdict. This cake is definitely worth the $62 we paid. Given the work needed in its decoration as well as the ingredients used. The sponge cake on the sides and at the base were one of the better once that i tried as well. However, there seem to be an overdose of mango which may put off the non-mango fans. Thus this cake is definitely worth a try but if you are not a fan of mango, you may not want to try it again.


The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore
7 Raffles Avenue
Singapore 039799
Tel: 6337 8888


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