Saturday, October 18, 2008

Macarons from Pâtisserie Dessert Couture

I chanced upon Evan's kitchen ramblings from LadyIronChef's blog and I really adored the modern feel of her blog. At that time of my visit, I came across her entry on her new creations. Like all others, I cannot resist the delightful colours of her desserts and thus tempted me to make a purchase from her. Moreover, Sihan highly recommend her pistachio macarons, how can I miss this all together.

As the minimum order is 20 pieces with any of the 3 flavours, I have chosen matcha, lychee rose & pistache at a price of $35 nett.


Fen's comments

Frankly speaking, I have never ordered food from blogs before and I have always admired these home bakers for your patience and resourcefulness to be able to sell their bakes. When I collect my order from Evan, I liked the way she has packaged the macarons, the little ribbon with her tag and the colourful macarons indicate that every tiny detail is her hard work.

I was even impressed that she managed to generate successful batches of macarons after her 2nd attempt. I know I can never do that. Self-learning is never easy.

The macarons are lovely made and I would say it is one of the prettiest I have seen. Each of the macarons has different shades of colour tones, make it so tempting. The macaron shells are chewy with a crispy outer layer, just to my liking and the best thing is that it is not sweet. Her macarons are pretty light that I think I have at least eaten 10 macarons. Her macarons taste better when chilled as the filling used is light buttercream.

Yuan's comments
As Evan herself said: "Amande's macarons are similar to my macarons." Readers who have tried the macarons from Amande would find close resemblance in the texture of the shells. Crispy and slightly chewy. I guess the downside is probably the cream, it sort of lack the fragrance.


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ladyironchef said...

hahha. i should order some from evan soon. looks tempting man! especially so when i'm hooked to macaron now

evan 이벤젤린 said...

hi fen, thx alot for the write-up of my macarons as well as the constructive feedback from you guys. i'll be on the lookout for ways to improve them =)

Fen said...

LIC, you should try it. I have never eaten so many macarons in a row. It is really good...

Evan, definitely looking forward to order your bakes, particularly your chocolate tarts, really impressed by your knowledge about pastries (and I sure feel so embarrassed with my shallow depth of pastries) . Do try the macarons from Centre Ps, their filling is pretty addictive and strong at its flavour... Sorry for not being able to describe to you...

evan 이벤젤린 said...

fen : i'm extremely impressed with the amount of desserts you go around trying too, guess we're in different "fields" so no need to feel embarrassed.

yep, will try the ones from centre p's when i'm there. by the way i think centre p's is actually pronounced in the way that it sounds like "centrepiece" if i'm not wrong. didn't realize until today.

Fen said...

Now that you mention, yes. It is meant to be called centrepiece. It was mentioned in the company profile but when I say "piece", some of my buddies can't linked it to Centre Ps, so for convenience, I just call it Ps instead of piece.

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