Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Simply Chocolate by Victoria

I can’t recall how I come across Decadence Cakes but since it is still in my browsing history, I have decided to order Simply Chocolate and ChocoNanas. That was the aftermath of eating the Banana Choco Fudge from choc.a.bloc with my colleagues and I couldn’t resist the temptation of a chocolate cake.

If you are wondering where the shop is, this is another home baker located at Holland Drive and as usual, I have requested reduced sugar in both cakes.

Victoria was very helpful and was prompt in replying. Knowing that I am concerned about the overall sweetness of the cake, she suggested Blackforest or Strawberry and Mango Cream. Moreover, ChocoNanas is a mousse cake which cannot be kept too long without refrigeration.

Through the phone call, she realized I was sharing with 2 other people and how sweet was she to divide, decorate and pack them individually. The service is superb.

Simply Chocolate is described as happiness can be found in the simple thing; take a bite into her signature light chocolate chiffon cake, coated with fine unadulterated dark chocolate ganache. Ecstatic!

and is sold at $35 (1kg), $45 (1½kg) and $55 (2 kg).

Fen’s comments

I really love this chocolate cake. The chocolate sponge is so soft and the fudge complements it wonderfully. Although this is slightly different from chocolate fudge cake due to its lighter (of course, less moist) texture and chocolate buttercream is used instead, this is definitely an alternative to chocolate fudge cake, particularly if one doesn’t want to travel to Bedok or Jalan Kayu.

The cake is so fresh that a short while out from the chiller will make the cake wobbly, thus explaining the lack of photos for this cake. The dark chocolate ganache is no doubt smooth and rich that gives the “oomph” factor.

Believe it or not, if not for me attempting to save the final 2 pieces for my family, this one-third portion would have been gobbled up by Yuan and I during dinner. Highly recommended!!!

However, in all chocolate cakes, it still voice down to personal preference, my family prefers the Blackforest while my colleagues, including Yuan and myself, find this heavenly.

Yuan’s comments

I am really impressed by Victoria. Given this standard it is easily comparable with most cakes which we ate at expensive cafes. The cake is so good as the top layer tasted like melted chocolate and not chocolate cream. The chiffon is dense and has this strong chocolate smell. Maybe the only down side is that there is a layer of chocolate cream in between. I would have preferred it to use the same chocolate as what was coated on the surface. In general this is a must try for all those who love chocolate fudge cakes.

Decadence cakes by Victoria (Closed)


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