Saturday, October 18, 2008

Mistral, the pistachio baby...

Sihan couldn't resist this, she is a pistachio fan. However, in my personal opinion, the apricot taste kinds of overshadows the pistachio. Ultimately, pistachio is has a very light taste while apricot is either overly sweet or sour. I think I still prefer to eat the Pistachio macaron or Fraiser from BakerZin to curb my Pistachio cravings... Am I mean to say that this is the slightly less sour version of Morgane. Hmm... seems like we are getting picky with our desserts due to the many different kinds we have tried.

Yuan's Comments

The impression I had of this cake was the jelly-like layer on the top and the grainy texture of this cake. Generally this cake will taste like apricot cake rather than the pistachio which was in their description.

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