Thursday, October 16, 2008

Chocolates from Laurent Bernard Chocolatier

These are the chocolates available at Laurent Bernard Chocolatier and I got the 70%, Noisette, Champagne truffle, Palet d' Or and Whisky truffle since Yuan have a liking of alcoholic tinted desserts...

Each piece of truffle costs $2.80 (excluding 7% GST) and a box of 6 costs $23 nett.

Anyway, in the same 8 days that featured Laurent's Hot Chocolate, The Chocolate Bible of 8 days (No. 933, Sept 4, 2008 - The Chocolate Issue) also recommends Laurent's bite-sized assorted chocolate.

The mentioned munchkins in 8 days were the cocoa-rich 70% Ganache (dark chocolate with a splash of cream), Noisette with crunchy chopped hazelnuts suspended in voluptuous milk chocolate and luxurious Champagne truffle (lumpy ganache resembling the fungus).

Got a chance to venture Laurent's famous temperature-controlled room which is kept at 17degC and to see Laurent Bernard, the man behind Laurent's, at work. He sure looks stern and I didn't realize I was flashing my camera non-stop on Sunday.

Sure glad I asked for his permission... Since these chocolates are for Yuan, I leave him to comment Laurent's confections...

Yuan's comments
Actually as I mentioned in my earlier post, I am no expert on chocolates. However, I did make several observations after eatting all these expensive chocolates. First what you are really paying for is the texture. The more expensive chocolates tend to be smoother. Second when the chocolate content is too high, all the flavours will taste alike as it is overwhelmed by the chocolate taste.

Having eaten Laurent's chocolates and Canele's chocolates back to back, I guess it would only be fair if I compare these two. Puting aside price and accessibility, I would say Laurent's chocolates are clear cut better. Laurent's chocolates win by texture as well as a wider selection of chocolates. Canele's chocolates are simply too rich and focus on high chocolate content which comprises its flavours.

Laurent Bernard chocolatier
Laurent's Cafe & Chocolate Bar
5B Portsdown Road
Singapore 139 311
Tel: 6475 4182

Operating hours -
9am to 6pm (Tues to Thurs, Sun)
9am to midnight (Fri & Sat)


SiHaN said...

*rubs hands*.. hehe. thanks for the link deary. I've got a few I'm set on ordering. palet d'or definitely. hehe. Am debating between this and deste though.

Fen said...

OMG!!! another chocolate place... and they sell cakes too, now you send my cake radar switched on too...

Hopefully, you will like Laurent's chocolates. Pretty stressed to recommend chocolates to you as I know you have a much more pickier tongue and extensive knowledge about chocolates...

Thank you for the link on deste...

SiHaN said...

yeh. told Evan about my find that day too. Think its just a confectionery in charge of distributing to the garibaldi group. But i love the chocolate praline flavors though. some really innovative.

I'll go try Laurents first then. hehe

evan 이벤젤린 said...

fen dear, "cake radar switched on" sounds really funny! i actually visualize the radar on top of yr forehead and it goes beep beep LOL

Fen said...

Sihan, let me know your reviews abt Laurent... really curious...

Evan, that was wat happens when I received recommendations... it goes beep beep on Yuan's hp... hehe

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