Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Chocolate Mosaic

After a round of buffet, a nice birthday cake and lots of fun at Pitstop Cafe, I kinda regret not continuing my stay at Pitstop (my highly recommended place for gatherings). Anyway, because one of our friends is leaving early, we have decided to drop by tcc for a drink or 2 and have a chat. One of the stuff we ordered was the chocolate mosaic...

A closer view...


Fen's comments

--------------------------------------Non dessert review--------------------------------------
Before I continue, just a warning for food bloggers. The upper deck of tcc (circular road) does not permit photography and they have put a sign at this level BUT you will only see the sign only after you are leaving the place due to its positioning. How sincere, reason being is that they have art exhibition or paintings displayed at this particular store.

Simply hate it when I was just taking pictures of the food and we were told to keep the camera but the only reason they can give is the mangement, talk to the manager and etc... *#&(*%

My personal take when asking dining customers to put aside the camera is that the waiters or waitresses have to be a little more tactful. I mean things might have been different if I have seen the sign before entering or that the the waiter starts off saying "Sorry, we don't allow photography at this level due to the art display or art exhibitions." Short and sweet, am I right? Anyway, I was pretty patient last evening but I can't deny the fact that my dining mood was alittle foul.

I'm sorry if I have sound unreasonable, but people are never rational when they are pissed. Am I right?
--------------------------------------Non dessert review--------------------------------------

Anyway, chocolate mosaic was said to be one of the signature dessert dishes but I beg to differ, the chocolate devotion was much better. Although the chocolate mousse is smooth with different layers of milk and white (has an after-taste of peppermint) chocolate. Somehow or rather the flourless chocolate cake fails to stand out as much as the Chocolate Amer of BakerZin. Smooth chocolate mousse is pretty easy to get but to get the right accompaniment is rare. This will just pass in my opinion since to me it is pretty ordinary.

Yuan's comments

I am not a fan of peppermint, hence the Chocolate Mosaic sorts of put me off. Despite me trying to seperate the layers of this cake, the peppermint taste still lingers. The peppermint taste sorts of cover up all other taste. Thus those that dislike peppermint like me, please do not try this dessert. In terms of mousse, I think it is rather smooth but not rich enough for my liking. Overall I doubt I will try it again.

tcc- Circular Road
51 Circular Road
Singapore 049406
Tel: 6533 9033


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