Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Dining at Carousel, presenting their desserts

Went for buffet lunch and I am going to present you the desserts we have tried this afternoon...

Presenting you the dessert bar... apart from this, there were also Chocolate Fountain, Ice cream, Mixed Fresh Tropical Fruits, Bread and Butter Pudding, Crumble and Nonya Kueh, a total of 3 stations of this scale.

Starting from the left, Pistachio Crème brûlée, Apricot Crumble, Apricot Tart

Starting from the one with a pink layer of jam (clockwise direction), New York Cheesecake with strawberry mirror, (unidentified), Jasmine Chocolate Gateaux, Jivara chocolate mousse with crispy feuilletine, Raspberry Yoghurt Chocolate Mousse

*I might have gotten the names wrong but generally this plate contains a mixture of cheesecakes, chocolate, blueberry and vanilla mousses

Desserts in shooter glass

Starting from the left, Sea coconut pandan pudding or Chendol (not sure), Green tea mousse with Azuki, Mango and Apricot sago

Starting from the left, Lychee Tiramisu, Apricot and Vanilla mousse, (unidentified)


Fen's comments

Nowadays, buffets are not about eating alot but a place to chit chat and enjoy some of the new or signature dishes whipped out by the restaurant. I would say it is a pretty good buffet since we only paid $39++. In addition, this is one of the international buffets which is halal and has been ranked together with Melts, the World Cafe and the Line. Thus, I expect abit more from this place. However, to compare with Melts, the world cafe (Oriental Mandarin) and the Line (Shangri-la), there is still a difference as Melts has a better selection in terms of Western dishes while the Line has just too much selection.

Generally, the service is good. The water was refilled regularly, the plates were cleared pretty fast and best of all, they kept my cake nicely in the concierge despite it being from another hotel. The dining place is spacious and well-lit, thus giving a very pleasant dining experience.

For the main course, some dishes that leave a pretty deep impression were the traditional Hainanese Chicken Rice balls. The rice has a very nice fragrance and the texture is just right, not too soft nor hard. The sashimi was good given the amount of salmon sashimi we have eaten throughout the entire buffet. The cream of chicken soup was rich and creamy but the second serving was just too creamy with little chicken broth.

On the whole, the dishes served were mainly Indian and Malay food with pretty much beef selection and of which, the mashed potato, roasted duck breast and the lamb cravings tempted Yuan for a second serving...

Yuan's comments

This buffet offers a wide range of variety. Though not as much as The Line or Melts, the food quality here is good. What left the deepest impression was the chicken rice balls. Seldom would you crave for rice but this one will leave you wanting to eat more. The other item that left a deep impression was their selection of shell fish. I am amazed that the taste can vary from sweet to salty. (I always thought shell fishes are just chewy and do not fall into either salty or sweet unless you dip them into sauce)

Anyway moving onto desserts, it seems to me that buffet desserts are usually sub standard. All those cute glasses of pudding you see are either too sweet or too sour. What was worth trying are the Apricot tart and Apricot Crumble. I must say that Carousel's crumble and tarts are really not bad.

For the buffet on the whole, I think it is worth the $41(Including GST) which I paid. But I would say that Carousel lose to The Line on variety.

Royal Plaza on Scotts
25, Scotts Road
Singapore 228220
Tel: 6589 7799


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