Monday, October 27, 2008

More on U.d.d.e.r.s

Brought my family to U.d.d.e.r.s after lunch and I am sure glad I have introduced them to this place. Having eaten at Ben and Jerry, Sheraton Towers High Tea buffet, Mingles for ice-cream and waffle, I thought this is the best among the 4, particularly if you like springy and thick waffles with a not-too-sweet ice-cream.

Surprisingly, despite the heat and thus making the shop alittle stuffy, this place does attract a fair share of people on a Deepavali afternoon.

Ordered the Mao Shan Wang (King of Cat Mountain durian) durian ice-cream and apparently, this is considered a better grade than D24, thereby explains a slightly more expensive price. Each scoop of D24 durian ice-cream (premium) costs $3.90 while the Mao Shan Wang ice-cream (connoisseur) costs $5.30. I got my sister to try both back to back and she picked Mao Shan Wang for my grandfather. For more explaination of durians, ieatishootipost has a good coverage of the various types of durians.

Their description for these 2 durian selection,

D24 Durian
Fresh succulent D24
Fresh D24 durian flesh, mushy blobs of it, churned into ice cream.
Need we say more? Pure bliss!

Mao Shan Wang Durian
King of Cat Mountain durian
This is the king of the king of fruits.
Bitter, sweet, pungent, fragrant, complex flavours intertwined into an explosion of durianism.

Apart from the Mao Shan Wang, the strawberry ice-cream receives lots of praises from daddy and grandpa. They can feel the fresh strawberries and “thumbs ups”. This is definitely high recommended…

Strawberry Fields
Only real fresh strawberries
Using only fresh strawberries (feel the texture of the millions of strawberry pits in the ice cream!), this sunny flavour is totally sweet and wholesome.
Guaranteed to please

Xiang was too ambitious to try their Rum and Rasin, the alcoholic content (3 scoops of Rum & Rasin = 1 can of beer) was too strong for her to handle but she enjoyed the Mango sorbet that she practically licked the bowl clean.

Fresh Mango Sorbet
Only fresh mangoes!!!
Very light and refreshing.
Fresh mango reinterpreted into an oh-so-smooth sorbet.
Udderly healthy and good for you

Lastly, I have the vanilla ice-cream with waffle. Need me to say more?

Vanilla Beanz
Pure vanilla beans
Made only from natural vanilla pods (yes, only the real thing! No essence, extract or artificial flavouring).
We slice the vanilla pods by hand and painstakingly extract the tiny vanilla beans within to make our deliciously fresh, dreamy, creamy Vanilla.
Definitely a must-try for Vanilla purists!

This is a place for good and reasonably priced ice-cream. The texture is oh-so-smooth and the flavours offered by them are of a wide variety and strong due to their generous usage of ingredients. Not too sweet and thus will be liked by most.

Do check out their Slightly Sea Salted Caramel ice-cream for those who fancy salted caramel. It is their nice flavour.

U.d.d.e.r.s Ice Cream
155 Thomson Road,
Singapore 307608
Tel: 6254 6629

Operating hours:
12 noon to 11pm (Sun to Thurs)
12 noon to 12 midnight (Fri, Sat & Eve of PH)


evan 이벤젤린 said...

"Made only from natural vanilla pods (yes, only the real thing! No essence, extract or artificial flavouring)."

extract is from the real thing, wonder if they know it?

Fen said...

Wow, I didn't know you pay such close attention to the usage of words. I am only particular when genetic terms are abused so that shows you know alot about pastries.

Anyway, back to Vanilla ice-cream, despite the numerous blacks spots on U.d.d.e.r.s' ice-cream, indicating the presence of vanilla pods, there is something about Hagan Dazs and The Line's vanilla ice-cream, the fragrance is much more overwhelming and I simply crave for it all the time.

evan 이벤젤린 said...

what does it mean when genetic terms are abused? sometimes ppl just don't know what they're writing abt. i think they shd always check the facts, coz there are bound 2b observant ppl around, just like me haha.

i havent tried the line's vanilla ice-cream, but i tried their blueberry one and its chock full of real blueberries inside! i'm going there on sat again, so i'll keep a lookout for the vanilla ice cream. lately i'm crazy over vanilla -i bought the pods, bean paste & extract :p

Fen said...

My bad for the confusion, Genetics (study of genes and DNA) is a branch of Science and is what I specialized in at work... Well I do come across newspaper articles, or some of my fellow colleagues who couldn't get their terminology right and often abuse terms such as chromosomes, DNA without knowing the distinct difference...

The same goes to baking and pastries, not all are as well-versed or well-read as you and many other bakers, this kind of improper usage of words are getting common... But I do appreciate that you point it out, at least I learn something =)

The Line's ice-cream is comparable to Hagan Dazs, if not much better. Yuan and I tried the vanilla and matcha during the buffet, love the right amount of aroma and its smooth texture.

Wow, it seems like you enjoyed the buffet alot, I thought it is pretty pricey so to me one visit is enough.

However, I haven't really tasted enough home-made vanilla ice-cream so I am not sure if that meets your expectation. Recently, I come across the Ice's entry on Seventh Heaven. The 2+2 Vanilla ice-cream sure looks tempting...

david koh said...

Udders! I've been going to Udders a lot now ever since I found out about from you.

Always after gym too. I blame you for negating my work outs!

Fen said...

Dropped by Udders (West Mall) last evening and the waffle we had was disappointing due to is dry texture. Somehow or rather it resembles more to a overbaked American waffle than the yummilicious Belgium we had at Novena previously.

Have to admit the ice-cream was fantastic. Bailey’s & Bourbon was loaded with so much alcohol that Yuan actually felt alittle groggy after one scoop. What is good is that despite its high alcohol content, the ice-cream didn't melt as fast as we expected and the texture is smooth. Pricing is pretty attractive as it is only $3.90 per scoop, considering the alcoholic content.

Awesomely chocolate was the other one that we had, potent enough to satisfy chocolate carvings but Bailey’s & Bourbon triumphs between the two.

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