Friday, October 10, 2008

Our first encounter with the Passionfruit Meringue from The Patissier

The row of shophouses along Ann Siang Road...

Presenting you, The Patissier...
I was pretty surprised when I entered the shop, there were no more cakes on display. Everything was tucked in boxes and are all reserved. Luckily, I made a reservation for my 2 cakes, if not it would have been a wasted trip...

The bakery closes very early at 7pm and the last collection time is at 6:30pm. Thus, the time was pretty tight for me and pardon me for the blur photos...

I overheard the lady telling her customers that it would be safer to make reservation and nowadays, phone reservations requires payment upon confirmation of order and if you fail to collect the cake before the designated time, the payment will be forfeited. How do you make the payment via phone, the answer is credit card.

Anyway, Passionfruit Meringue was mentioned as the No. 13 cake,
"A flavourful meringue sponge cake filled with tangy passionfruit mousse, fresh mangoes and strawberries"

and Patissier describes it as "Meringue sponge filled with passion fruit mousse with fresh Mango and Strawberries"


Fen's comments

This cake does stir a little confusion. It really taste like an extremely fresh food tart and I thought the meringue was so different from the one that we had at Canelé Pâtisserie Chocolaterie. It is light, puffy and the mousse makes it oh so yummy. The mousse has the flavour of passionfruit with bits and pieces of mangoes and strawberries and the dessert is so light that you can practically finish the entire piece on your own and still have room for more...

However, today's cakes pictures were alittle slip-shot as we were worried this baby may collapse at any point. Thus, we were eating these at Maxwell Market. Hopefully, they still look tempting as they really do.

Of course, with so much praises, we are definitely dropping by the Patissier for more of their creations...

Yuan's comments

This creation taste pretty much like the mango mousse from Ritz Carlton. I suspect there are traces of mango mixed with passion fruit and strawberry in the mousse. What makes this one of the best dessert is probably the crust - Meringue.

Meringue essentially is made of egg white and is generally sweet. Thus this creation is rather sweet. Overall this is one of the nicest desserts which I have tasted and the fruity taste is ideal for your after meal dessert. Highly Recommended.

The Patissier
18 Ann Siang Road #01-01
Singapore 069698
Tel: 6220 5565

Operating hours - 10:30am-7pm (Mon to Fri)
Closed on Weekends and Public Holidays


SiHaN said...

wow're really going all out to try sg's 50 best cakes huh? haha. i have never tried the patissier before. looks reallie pricey.. but worth it by the way you put it!

Fen said...

I have to admit patissier is expensive (serving is small) but this is definitely worth a try. Do ask them to reserve a slice for you before dropping by.

Apparently, it is common for their walk-in customers to leave empty handed, particularly when it is close to 6pm. As mention, there was nothing left on the shelf when I reached, I thought I could just add on a chocolate cake :)

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