Sunday, October 26, 2008

Waffle from Mingles

Located at Novena Square, this place adopts an open seating concept with cheerful orange seats and the display of colourful ice-cream. This place sure appeals to small families for rosti and sausages.

I have been here once with my grandparents and another with Yuan for a quick meal. Generally the food are reasonably priced.

Decided to drop by for waffles and ice-cream and thus we settled with their Crispin’s Waffle ($10.90 excluding 7% GST + 10% service charge). Since this is fixed in the menu, we have to make do with 2 scoops of ice-cream but the flavours can be changed. Originally, this freshly baked waffle is served with Chocolate Ecstasy and Macademia Supreme ice-cream and topped with chocolate fudge and strawberry but we changed the Chocolate Ecstasy to Rum and Rasin.


Fen's comments

I am sure there is a group of people that fancy New Zealand ice-cream but sad to say, I don't belong to the category. No doubt the ice-cream is smooth but I thought the flavours were alittle ordinary. The Macademia Supreme lacks the nice vanilla fragrance which I fancy from Hagan Dazs while I am generally not a Rum and Rasin fan so I won't usually pay attention to this flavour.

Maybe because my taste buds have been picky after eating several ice-cream back to back but I sure prefer the ice-cream from
Ben and Jerry's which I have eaten 2 days ago.

The waffle is alittle dry though the thickness is just right for me. Comparing this with
Gelare and Udders, I thought it might be a disappointment as it generally lacks the fragrance and texture. Just my personal perspective.

------------------------------- Non-waffle review -------------------------------
Frankly speaking, when Yuan has first started the blog, I was pretty keen to compile all the nice goodies we have been eating and in a way, this blog has become a catalyst to make us venture for more desserts.

However, as it goes, I am feeling more and more demoralized due to the expectation to take good pictures, the fear of causing disturbance to other diners or even to be told off by the staff in the restaurants, of course I start to feel the stress to find new places.

Anyway, these thoughts were stirred when the manager of Mingles was clearly not happy when I am taking the picture of the shop and even though he has not told us off, as I sit down and think about these 4 months, I felt that my enthusiasm has been dampened and I am having second thoughts to continue this blog. I am sure there are food bloggers that think this way and I wonder what are some of the factors that keep this going.
------------------------------- Non-waffle review -------------------------------
Yuan's comments

Personally I didn't quite enjoy this waffle. 2 factors. First, the ice cream has this coconut after taste. Second, the waffle is just crispy but lacks the aroma.
230 Thomson Road
Singapore 307683
Tel: 6253 0345


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