Saturday, October 18, 2008

Mignardises from Twelve + One

Mignardises, refering to small sweet tid-bits served at the end of the meal (after dessert), usually with coffee. According to what I have find out, Mignardises is derived from the old French word, "Mignard" which means either small child, or graceful, pretty and delicate.

Anyway, they have it in the form of fruits tarts (Pate de Fruit) and Macarons.


Fen's comments

I have only tried the passionfruit macaron and one the tartlet. The rest of the comments, you got to check with Sihan and Evan. The macaron has a pretty strong passionfruit fragrance which I find it nice even though the shells are alittle hollow. Ultimately, when it comes to a macaron, the flavour is pretty important, if not they are just plain sweet and chewy.

As for the tartlet, nothing special about it except that the shells are extremely thin and crispy. As it is very small, I don't have much comments about it. It is just nice I guess.


Yuan's comments

I have only tried the passion fruit macaron. The top shell is extremely thin and crispy. Do not attempt to use a spoon to break this into 2 as the whole shell will be smashed. The bottom layer is slightly chewy. Overall I think passion fruit is very refreshing for macaron but I doubt I will travel into Rochester for this macaron again.

Twelve + One
No. 6 Rochester Park
Singapore 139217
Tel: 6872 9366
Operating hours - 9am to 8pm (daily)


ladyironchef said...

ahhh!! you guys nv call me along! so sad. hahaha. but i'm so gonna go to twelve + one soon after reading about the posts you all made. haha

Fen said...

I didn't have your number... Moreover, it was pretty last minute, I was supposed to meet Evan to collect my order and so happen she is meeting Sihan to get their baking stuff...

Do ask me along to Twelve + One if you are dropping by, I worked nearby and am curious about their croissants.

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