Thursday, October 16, 2008

Our favourite macarons...

After trying an array of macarons from Centre Ps, we came to a conclusion that the Lychee macarons are our favourite.

I simply love gradient in pink... The lovely pinkish hue makes me admire it before taking the first bite...

To order macarons from Centre Ps, they come in box of 5 or 10s. Wanted Champagne but was told that this is a very rare flavour due to the ingredients used. Thus, I didn't get to try it again. Ordering via their webbie requires 2 days in advance.


Fen's comments
I never pay attention to the Lychee macaron as it was one of the last few macarons (out of 10 different flavours) and by the time Yuan ended his call, I left the last quarter of this for him. That was on 8th Sept after watching Wall-E.

I was surprised he said this is the best macaron among the entire lot we have tried and thus I have decided to order a box of Lychee macarons for him.

True enough, this taste of Lychee is overwhelming and the texture of the buttercream is refreshing and light. Although it is pretty sweet but the fragrance of Lychee compensates its only flaw.

However, they are pretty pricey, sold at $2 per piece since this box of 5 costs $10.

Yuan's comments

As previously mentioned, I felt that macarons are better with fruity or floral flavours. Strong flavours such as chocolate will make it taste like some chocolate cookie.

What I particularly like about the lychee macaron is really the fragrance of lychee. As you bite this macaron, you will feel the cripy crust and tuck in between is this refreshing buttercream with stong lychee scent. However I must admit that these macarons are rather sweet which some readers may not like.

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Tel: 6220 1285

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