Saturday, October 11, 2008

Is there such a town?

As a fan of waffles, I have always wanted to try this stall when I travel along Bukit Timah
Road. I mean Waffle Town - would it be a full menu of waffles?

Surprisingly, this is more like a fast food outlet selling fried chicken and burgers.

Here's the menu...

I must say that their Fried Chicken is very nice. Much better than Popeye's chicken.

Here is what we ordered: Waffle with Rum and Raisin Ice cream

LadyIronChef has a more comprehensive coverage on WaffleTown. Do drop by and have a look...

Fen's comments

I have to say I am alittle disappointed with the waffle. Maybe because I prefer my waffles to be smaller, sweeter, and denser. Nevertheless, this did stir some childhood memories and those days at A&W. The waffles are lighter and more crisp, thus resembling the Aladdin's wafer cones. They are not sweet so it would be better to eat it with ice-cream or honey. I wanted to order a plain one with lots of syrup but Yuan was too full with his 2 pieces of chicken.

This is very different from the other waffles we have eaten so far and I would say it is really a privillege to have it when we are young. Ulitimately, before Gelare was heard in Singapore, this is a wow place to go as a child. So sad, I feel so old.


Yuan's Comments

Before my dessert hunt, I always thought all waffles taste the same. Having tried around 5 waffles, I found that none tasted alike. Generally Waffle Town's waffle taste like the soft Aladdin Ice Cream Cone which you can buy off the shelf of major supermarkets. In terms of texture, it is thin and baked till it's crispy. Overall not bad but after eating it, I didn't feel like I have eaten a waffle. There was no batter taste or "cake-like" taste. It just feels like eating ice cream with cone.

271 Bukit Timah Road
#01-02 Balmoral Plaza
Operating hours - 11 am to 10pm
Tel: 6836 6536


ladyironchef said...

hahahaha! thanks for the link. but the chicken better than popeye? i haven tried popeye so can't really compare

SLYuan said...

The main difference lay in the flour. As you you bite the skin of Popeye's, you will find that it is just salty. At least for Waffle Town, it is tasty. Of course I still prefer KFC over the two.

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