Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Strawberry Vanilla Streusel Cake

Although we don't drive, we seem to have the hang of walking along orange grove road to Shangri-la and back to orchard. It just proves how good their food is. Our first visit to Shangri-la was during 2007 Quest for a good chocolate cake for daddy, with us walking from Delfi Orchard to Shangri-la and hitching a ride from the hotel to Delfi Orchard.

Our second visit to the Line for their International buffet whereby Yuan walked from Orchard MRT to the hotel and we walked from the hotel to Cineleisure while today was getting a birthday cake for my best friend, in which we walked from Far East Plaza to the hotel and back to Orchard MRT...

Got her a Strawberry Vanilla Streusel Cake since my target was a good strawberry shortcake.

A delicate combination of chantilly cream & french vanilla mousse surrounded with strawberries & topped with freshly baked streusel...

Fen's comments

I didn't regret coming to the Line for this cake. In fact, from the description I was alittle skeptical on how good it will be... cream + mousse + streusel... hmm...

Anyway, this cake is generally very light and considering we are all overloaded from the buffet lunch, we are able to finish the cake and find it so nice, I guess this is definitely a thumb ups. The vanilla mousse has a slight jelly texture with a refreshing after-taste and the crumbles on the cake makes it very light. The strawberries are not sourish and they are pretty generous with the strawberries. The crumbles has a similar sweetness and fragrance as honey oats clusters. The bottom layer is a layer of tartlet pastry, soft and fluffy...

Recommended if you like crumble or pies and that you want something different from a conventional japanese strawberry shortcake.

Yuan's comments

Overall this isn't exactly a cake. It is kind of like vanilla mousse with bread crumbs. You would love this cake if you like tarts or crumbles. Coupe with rich vanilla mousse and strawberry, the effect is heavenly. In sum, I would say this is worth the walk in considering that I was craving for more despite me being bloated after buffet.

The Line Shop
Shangri-la, Singapore
Orange Grove Road,
Singapore 258350
Tel: 6213 4377


Fen said...

If there is a must-try cake from Shangri-la, this will be the one.

Although this is no longer available on the shelf and menu, Team Leader of The Line Shop was very helpful to get the chef to do it for me.

For those who are keen to try this cake, I was told that the hotel will need 5 days advance notice upon order and a 1kg will cost $51.35 nett after tax.

The one that I had today is pretty much the same as what they served 2 years ago. Two layers of vanilla sponge sandwiching lots of strawberries and vanilla cream, topped with cookie crumbles. The resulting effect is a light, refreshing treat which is not overly sweet.

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