Saturday, October 18, 2008

Chocolate Tart from Twelve + One

The best way to compare desserts is to eat is back to back and regular readers will know the reason why we have picked this from the array of desserts. The chocolate tart has 2 layers of chocolate, a dark chocolate fudge and a creamier milk chocolate mousse. Similar to the mignardises, the pastry of this is thin and crispy. I would say it is nice but I definitely prefer Laurent's chocolate tart for its higher chocolate richness and the hazelnut praline.


Yuan's comments

This attracted my attention as I wanted to try it back to back with the chocolate tart of Laurent.

I preferred Laurent's chocolate tart over this one.

The chocolate tart here is simply too light. The pastry taste is actually stronger than that of the chocolate. Further I kind of like the layer of hazelnut praline in Laurent's chocolate tart.

Twelve + One
No. 6 Rochester Park
Singapore 139217
Tel: 6872 9366
Operating hours - 9am to 8pm (daily)


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