Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Chocolate cake from Brasserie Les Saverus

Most have known by now that I have been looking through various blogs to find out some of the weird places that serve nice cakes and one of the blogs I frequent is Camemberu. One of the comments in her molten chocolate cake entry led me to venture Brasserie Les Saverus.

Have a admit that it was pretty stressed entering St. Regis. In the first place, I couldn't recall the name of the dining place. Second, they do not have a bakery and thus it was through a fair bit of conversation that we realize this was the place we were looking for.

Anyway, the molten chocolate cake mentioned earlier in the comments is part of the special 3-course meal at $78++, apparently they didn't sell the molten chocolate cake separately.

This place has a nice ambience as it is well-illuminated by its splendid wall of windows. Love the view of the water fountains and the sparkling pool with the background of the Orchard apartments.

My initial intention was to stuck a candle on the chocolate cake and sing Yuan a Happy Birthday song but the place was just too quiet. Was pretty stressed as we realized it was a fine dining place.

I would say it is a comfy area if you are willing to spend on fine dining. According to their website, the sophisticated interior design was done by Wilson Associates.

Found an alternative for Yuan. The chocolate cake which was served with warm 72% Araguani chocolate cake, espresso sorbet. Priced at $16.00 (excluding of 7% GST and 10% service charge).

Of course, it is indeed a warm chocolate cake with chocolate oozing out...


Fen's comments

I would say the food here are pretty expensive. However, this chocolate cake is one that is bitter due to its high chocolate content, not large in its serving and that the dessert is relatively light as I didn't feel that it was overly rich nor sin to finish this.

The texture of the cake is pretty dense and I suspect lots of eggs are used as the texture resembles the flourless chocolate cake. I would say it is unique on its own, partially because of the grade of chocolate used.

As for the espresso sorbet, it tastes like an extremely smooth coffee ice-blend which I was teasing Yuan that we can drink it from the cup after it has melted.

In short, it is expensive but I am okay with the overall taste of the dessert.


Yuan's comments

Essentially this is a warm chocolate cake. What's good about this cake is that it doesn't have the burnt taste which some warm chocolate cake have. But what's bad is that the egg taste is too strong. You can feel the egg taste as you bite the cake. I guess the accompanying sorbet is the only thing worth trying. The coffee sorbet is so light and if you let it melt, it is almost like drinking ice blended cappuccino. Personally I feel that St. Regis is a nice place to seat for afternoon tea but for the true dessert fan, I think there are better places to go.

Brasserie Les Saverus
The St. Regis Singapore
29 Tanglin Road
Singapore 247 911

Tel: 6506 6888


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