Thursday, July 17, 2008

No.43. Chocolate fudge cake from Jane's Cake Station

Some may feel that the fudge is not chewy enough. I have to admit that it is not chocolately enough but if you recall my choc a bloc entry, high chocolate content results in the loss of texture (refering to Americano). The texture of the sponge is pretty similar to choc a bloc except that the fudge is more jelly-like than choc a bloc.

Frankly speaking, after trying all the 4 major players (Lana, Awfully, Jane's and Choc a bloc), apart from Lana having a slight rough texture and thinner fudge, I can't tell the difference in the cake sponges between the remaining 3. As for the chocolate fudge, Jane's is more to the jelly sort, Choc a bloc is more to the creamier sort, Awfully is in between the 2.

Anyway, from the Sunday Times...
"Contrary to its dark, heavy and decadent appearance, this chocolate fudge cake is light. It melts in the mouth and is not cloyingly sweet."

Jane's Cake Station
265 Jalan Kayu
Tel: 6481 1322
Monday to Saturday - noon to 6pm
Sunday & public holidays - noon to 4pm
Closed on Wednesday


Ron said...

I have sweet tooth and a fan of Jane's cake Station, though my kids love it, but seems that the lack of design range and no web pix often keep people wondering what they have to offer.

Calling them for booking will usually take at least 3times. Too busy in the shop, or.......???

fen said...

Ron, actually most of the chocolate fudge cakes don't really have fanciful designs and frankly speaking when I first hunt for a chocolate fudge cake for my dad, I really had a hard time figuring out the 4 things...

1) design offered
2) how the cake tastes like
3) their odd opening hours
4) their weird location

Tat is why I make it a point to take a cross section of all the cakes I have tried as that will give ppl a rough idea of wat to expect...

However, I have to say that Jane's has pretty good service. My friend failed to collect her cake at 6pm on a Fri evening and she, after several calls, manage to get them to pick up and believe it or not, they waited for her till 6:30pm even though they are suppose to close at 6pm.

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