Friday, July 18, 2008

Dining at Bobby's Rubino...

If you are looking for a dining place for a romantic night or a long-awaited gathering, Bobby Rubino's is one of the place to consider.

I won't comment much about the food since everything was fantastic. Just to let you know that they do serve iced water and citibank credit cards entitle a 15% discount.

For the appetizers, we ordered the breaded button mushrooms, really fresh and crispy breaded shells.

Calamari, not oily, not so teeth-taxing, fresh and addictive...

Salmon En Croute (S$33.90 + 7% GST + 10% service charge) - imported salmon which is so tender and fresh, wrapped in a thin and light filo pastry (similar to the apple strudel ones which don't flake off) , baked and served with delicate lemon butter sauce (which I thought was not enough to feel it).

The sides were seasonal vegetables, onion rings and garlic mashed potatoes.

Signature Baby Back Pork Ribs, The "Steel" City Rack (S$37.50 + 7% GST + 10% service charge) - imported pork ribs, cut from the tenderloin, flame-grilled and basted with signature bbq sauce...

It's good but Dan Ryan's is better in terms of tenderness and the degree of sweetness.

Mediterranean Lamb Skewers (S$28.90 + 7% GST + 10% service charge) - tender chunks of lamb marinated in red wine, garlic and herbs, grilled and served with roasted capsicums and mushrooms.

This is really good, they really mean tender, so tender it has the texture of a good steak.
Chocolate volcano (S$12 + 7% GST + 10% service charge) - warm rich chocolate brownie, vanilla ice-cream, chocolate mousse and whipped cream

This dessert is so sinful but if you love dense chocolate cake, this dessert is worth trying since it is dense, soft and sinfully rich with chocolate but if you are expecting a hard and crunchy brownie then you will be disappointed.

Bobby Rubino's
30 Victoria Street
Singapore 187996
Tel: 63375477


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