Sunday, July 6, 2008

No. 48. Banana Choco Fudge from Choc a bloc

Outside Choc.a.bloc

Here is the box...

Banana Choco Fudge
$30 for 800gm

From the Sunday Times,
"Freshly sliced bananas are soaked in creamy soft chocolate fudge, then crammed between two layers of dark, moist chocolate sponge and drizzled with dark chocolate pearls to produce this slice of heaven."

Taken from choc.a.bloc webbie,
"Recommended by Seventeen Magazine...
Freshly sliced bananas soaked in creamy soft fudge, then crammed between 2 layers of dark moist chocolate sponge, a sure winner with all chocolate fans"

Yuan: This cake is slightly softer. I guess most banana chocolate cakes have the tendency to sink when left outside the fridge. It has a thick layer of chocolate and a layer of banana at the bottom. Despite the amount of chocolate fudge, it is not sweet and they do not use sweet banana. I would say texture-wise it is good but it would be better sweeter.

Fen: Surprisingly, this cake is not very well-liked by my family. Maybe it has too much chocolate fudge, thus making the cake very soggy. My sisters found the texture too soft and wet that it tasted like porridge...

Personally, I thought it was not bad but having tried Lana, Awfully Chocolate and Jane's cake station, I realized I am not a fan of chocolate fudge cake. I thought it is not chocolately enough and thus, would very much prefer chocolate mousse than any of the above. In fact, the impression left behind by the Hazelnut Royaltime was so deep that I can imagine it melting in my mouth...

In short, the bananas are not very sweet and thus the banana taste is not very strong. Very soft and moist sponge and due to its not-so-sweet taste, it reminds me of the reduced sugar of Awfully Chocolate Cake (oh yes, they do allow a 5% reduction of sweetness).

According to the staff, Mom's Choco Fudge Cake, Crunchie Chocolate Fudge, Vermont Choco Fudge and Banana Choco Fudge have the same chocolate sponge which differs in its filling. Bottom line, if you have tried any of the above, you have indirectly tried 4 of their cakes.

Latest update: I brought this cake for my colleagues and they simply love it... What a way to kick start a Monday... Sugar rush!!! (Actually, in total there are 5, the 4th ones finds it better than Awfully Chocolate while the 5th... got to sms him first)

"I had the banana choco fudge cake in a go despite having breakfast.... my stomach was was really good.. it just melts in my mouth, tot I can go back and share it with my mum n sis but now cannot le.."

"Yup yup I absolutely LOVED the banana choco fudge cake.Thanks Yufen! Left me sweet the whole morning"

" apparently none of us could resist. haha. yes, the banana choco fudge cake is heavenly! it feels light but packs a strong choco punch. >_<"

Blk 86 Bedok North St 4 #01-179 S(460086)
Tel 6446 6096

According to the order form, it seems like they are now opened on Tuesday and there are more new creations on top of the ones from the webbie. Maybe, I will get yuan to type in the details since he is holding the order form.


Clara said...

Personally, it is one of the best banana chocolate cakes I have ever tasted in my life.
I am a picky eater so if it is able to meet my standards it has to be good, for the most part anyway.
I look forward to my next birthday as you have to specially order (no walk-ins for several of their cakes).

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