Sunday, July 6, 2008

Americano Choco Fudge from Choc.a.bloc

I was debating between Americano Choco Truffle and Royale Choco Truffle but alas, guess I didn't have a choice as 3 days in advance was not enough to order the Royale Choco Truffle (apparently their order has maxed out for this cake on my preferred collection date) and I was lucky to get the Americano Choco Truffle due to the cancellation of one of the orders.

Americano Choco Fudge
$40 for 1 kg

Taken from choc.a.bloc webbie,

"Garnished with European Couverture filled with rich creamy sponge. The layers of chocolate is certain to leave you coming back for more."

Yuan: For this cake, the lady at the shop advised me that the cake tasted better when it is a little warm. Initially i didn't thought too much about it but when we brought it home to slice, it really required some strength to slice it. (The cake was thawed for about an hour) I suggest that the reader may consider leaving it in the microwave or leave it to thaw for about 4 hours.

Anyway the overall feel of this cake is that it is somewhat like a brownie. The thing that i like about this cake was that it is dark chocolate and has a slight alcohol taste. However as readers may have observed, i generally prefer chocolate mousse and like my chocolate cake alittle sweet. Thus the texture and the non sweetness was not to my liking.

Fen: I liked this cake after microwaving it, tasted like the warm chocolate cake from BakerZin, although it is nice after it has been thawed from 3:20pm to 10:37pm. I guessed there is a compromise when it comes to chocolate content and the texture of the cake. Chocolate mousse wins hand down in terms of its threshold to have a higher cocoa content. Thus, having shared the 1st slice of Banana Choco Fudge and Americano Choco Fudge with Yuan and after which 2nd round of Americano Choco Fudge with Yuan after dinner and then 3rd round of Banana Choco Fudge and Americano Choco Fudge after I reached home... Sorry guys, I am sick of it and no more chocolate fudge cakes for me....

Anyway, there are 3 layers of brownie like chocolate sponge, sandwiched with bitter-sweet fudge (actually sweeter than Banana Choco Fudge) and a thin layer of nuts (only in the last layer of chocolate fudge).

Blk 86 Bedok North St 4 #01-179 S(460086)
Tel 6446 6096


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