Thursday, November 20, 2008

Matcha macarons from GOBI

Haven't come up with my Oct special despite knowing what to put on my favourite 4 (for Matcha) due to the lack of pictures. I am still short of one and thus I will drop by this weekend to pick up the dessert.

I have previously mentioned that GOBI's macarons are pretty strong in their flavours so Yuan and I find it hard to like it but till now, their matcha macarons still leave a very strong impression. Thus, I insist on going back to pick up these matcha macarons. Anyway, these marcarons are priced at $2.40 nett and will be slightly more expensive if a box is requested.

Fen's comments

Yuan and I have come to a common consensus that a good macaron must have at least one of the two factors, namely a chewy, not-so-sweet macaron shells which so far only Evan's and Centre Ps impressed us. The second factor lies its flavour which is basically how intense the flavour is in its filling.

In my previous entry, I have mentioned that GOBI's macaron shells are hollow, thus dent in the moment we pick up. Today, we ate it while it is still chilled and thus wasn't as bad as we have imagined them to be. Anyway, GOBI's macaron shells are not fantastic when compared to Evan's, Obolo and Centre Ps but I have to admit that their matcha macarons is one of the best in terms of flavour. You can really feel the matcha in its filling and I presume this is achieved by introducing matcha powder into the buttercream.

In addition, its matcha macarons has one of the better presentation and no doubt, I didn't regret my second visit.

P.S. 3 of these macarons is of the same price as Burger King Quad Stacker so be warned, these babies are expensive.

Yuan's comments

As mentioned in our previous entries, GOBI does not serve nice macarons except for one flavour which is the Matcha macaron. The matcha cream is so sweet smelling and coupe with the sweet almond taste from the shell, this baby is really good. Highly recommended if you like matcha macarons. However be warned that the other flavours may be rather disappointing.

GOBI at The Central (Closed)
6 Eu Tong Sen Street
The Central
Singapore 059817
Tel: 6534 8187

Opening hours - 11 am to 9 pm daily


Anonymous said...

GOBI definitely looks great in presentation. But they taste bad! Like a mouthful of butter. And the shells separate from the feet and disintergrate when you pick it up.

Fen said...

I had GOBI's macarons in last month and the matcha macaron served was frozen. Though the texture was bad but I thought the matcha was relatively strong so the butter wasn't very distinctive... Not sure if it was because we had it frozen.

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