Monday, November 3, 2008

Chocolate Eclair from Centre Ps

Decided to swing by Centre Ps to see if I can get Citrusphere after reading Ice's blog. Alas, there is nothing much left when Yuan and I reached at around 7:30pm.

As usual, Yuan couldn't resist Centre Ps macarons and he got himself a box of 5. All in his tummy by now, within an hour or so. Guess he still loves the macarons as much as before...

Since I have eaten chocolate eclair recently, I thought of trying Centre Ps' eclairs. Each of this Les Eclair costs $5 and they have it in the mini forms.

I like the Choux Pastry, soft and fluffy but I thought the filling wasn't chocolately enough even though fluffy Valrhona Chocolate Ganache Cream was used. Similar to Grand Cru Royale, the chocolate has a slight sourish taste which is not to my liking and thus I thought $5 is expensive. Their macarons are a better bet.

Centre Ps Pte Ltd

78 Guan Chuan Street
Singapore 160078
Tel: 6220 1285

Operating hours:
10am to 8pm (Mondays to Thursdays)
10am to 9pm (Fridays and Saturdays)
Closed on Sundays


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