Saturday, November 29, 2008

No. 2 Summertime Carrot Cake from Room for Dessert

Room for Dessert is one of the bakeries which I came across pretty often in internet forums last year but I didn't drop by until today since they closed pretty early.

Located at Waterloo Centre, this building comprises 4 levels of shops /offices and HDB residence blocks and was built in 1975. As for the bakery itself, it was started in December 2003 by a group of passionate bakers who pride themselves for using only fresh ingredients and thus great-tasting cakes.

This is the first time in which I couldn't resist not taking photos in a take-away outlet. The entire feel of this shop was pleasant, neatly decorated with ornaments and soft toys. However, I guess I was rude this afternoon for not asking for permission before snapping away and I am glad that the owner is kind enough to let me continue after I have made my intentions known. That did scare me alittle and I nearly wanted to delete the pictures on the spot.

Anyway, only their house favourites (Summertime Carrot Cake and Choc-A-Lot) are sold in slices and the other cakes and cupcakes requires pre-ordering. Depending on individual orders, it may require 1 day to 3 weeks in advance. Thus, it is better check with them if you are planning to get bakes from them for special occasions. Not to worry, they do reply emails pretty fast.

It is a pity that slices of Choc-A-Lot were sold out and I thought I was lucky to pick up their specialty. For your information, each slice of Summertime Carrot Cake costs $3.20 while whole cake are priced at $19 (500g) and $33 (/kg).

Oh before I forget, Summertime Carrot Cake is featured in the 50 yummiest cakes with the following description
"A classic carrot cake packed with raisins and walnuts and covered with a white chocolate and cream cheese frosting."

Fen's comments

No doubt, this is delicious and fresh, generously filled with walnuts and raisins. I was told to allow the cake to equilibrate to room temperature for better taste and thus I ate it with my sister and mummy the moment I reached home. The cake is sufficiently moist and dense (not as grainy as Cedele's nor chewy as Calendar's) but the cream cheese frosting is little sweet to my liking. What is good about this cake is its strong fragrance of cinnamon in it.

Yuan's comments

Having eaten the recommended carrot cakes, it gives me the impression that they all taste similar. The difference lay in how moist it is, the walnut, the cream cheese and the cinnamon taste. For Summertime Carrot Cake, I would say that it losses on the cream cheese and the lack of cinnamon taste. Apart from these factors, I think it is kind of similar to most other carrot cakes.

Room for dessert
Blk 261
Waterloo Street
Singapore 180261

Tel: 6337 7637, 8123 3851

Operating hours:
3pm to 7pm (Mon and Tues)
11am to 7pm (Wed to Fri)
10am to 2pm (Sat)
Closed on Sunday and Public Holidays


ladyironchef said...

waterloo street is opposite bugis there? the cake shop looks quite small though. what other cakes they have? but at 3 bucks per slice its cheap!

btw i've been wanting to ask, u have the list of the 50 cakes from sunday times? got the soft copy?

Fen said...

Waterloo Street is not directly opposite Bugis, I think you are referring to 四马路 where the temple is.

Ok, Waterloo Centre is located opposite St. Joseph church and the other side of St. Joseph church is opposite NLB (beside bugis junction).

I took a bus from Orchard to NTUC Income Centre and just walked along the road (Queens Street) behind the Singapore Art Museum and NTUC income centre, you should be able to find Waterloo Centre .

Apart from Summertime Carrot Cake, the other sliced cake they have is the Chocolate cake but was sold out when I reached the shop...

Apart from Summertime Carrot Cake and Choc-a-Lot, other cakes listed on their web are only available as a whole.

I have the soft copy of the 50 yummiest cake and I have uploaded on the blog already...

Alternatively, just click on the drop-down window on the right,
1. Featured Cakes
2. ST top 50
3. Original article

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