Sunday, November 23, 2008

Matcha Swiss Rolls from BreadTalk

Ever since I learnt that Evan got her inspiration from BreadTalk to make her Macha Roll Cake, I am curious about the taste of BreadTalk's swiss rolls.

Come to think about it, BreadTalk has been in Singapore for more than 8 years, since April 2000 and I can never forget the hype of their signature pork floss bread. However, that was not my favourite, I used to like their Otak bread, first introduced in the 3rd branch of BreadTalk (at the building just between Orchard Emerald and Centrepoint) which has a Peranakan theme, but cannot be found anymore. Sob.

Left: BreadTalk Silver at Paragon; Right: An entire roll green tea swiss roll

I did eventually purchase the sliced green tea swiss rolls from their branch at Causeway Point and it is heavenly good. Since then, I will occassionally drop by BreadTalk to pick one up to reward myself during lunch (Each slice costs $1.30 and 5 slices of green tea, vanilla + raisins or chocolate costs $5.00).

Left: BreadTalk at Plaza Singapura; Right: Sliced green tea roll placed side-by-side for comparison

Now the question is, BreadTalk Siiver has a whole green tea swiss roll which costs $19.90 per roll. Is there any difference from the sliced green tea swiss rolls purchased from BreadTalk and BreadTalk Silver?

Fen's comments

There is indeed a difference between the 2 and I personally prefer the sliced ones from BreadTalk as there is lesser cream and the sponge cake is softer.

The green tea swiss roll from BreadTalk Silver has a much stronger Matcha taste, thereby slightly more bitter than the sliced ones. Nicely decorated whole swiss roll, filled generously with Matcha cream and whole red beans. The amount of cake is much lesser and is slightly harder when compared with the sliced ones. Also, the icing on top of the cake provides a slight crispy texture

Yuan's comments

The first time when I ate the Matcha Swiss Roll from Breadtalk, I instantly liked it for its dense sponge and mild matcha flavour. Hence I tried the Matcha Swiss Roll from Breadtalk silver. It turn out that this one from breadtalk silver is even better. The main difference is that they use matcha cream. Hence if you really love matcha, this one is a must try. Leave it to thaw a bit (It is left in the fridge at breadtalk silver) and you will find the cream taste like matcha ice cream. Not to forget the red bean that you will find in the cream. Verdict: Must try.

BreadTalk Silver
B1-11/12 Paragon
Tel: 6733 4434
Opening hours: 8am to 10pm

BreadTalk & Toast Box
Plaza Singapura
68, Orchard Road
Singapore 238839
Tel: 6334 4644


evan 이벤젤린 said...

wah, got such thing as breadtalk silver? what's the difference, more upmarket?

from the look of it, the whole roll one looks nicely decorated lor, with box and all, better packaging in short. and the cream is green, instead of white, and there's adzuki beans inside. but almost 20 bucks for a swiss roll is so steep! btw, i REALLY like breadtalk's macha swiss roll, its really soft and just the best lah. i'll also hv craving for it every other day but everytime i go, only 1-2 slices will be left :( this goes to show what a hot seller it is!

SLYuan said...

Indeed it is the more upmarket version of breadtalk. They sells more expensive cakes. The key difference between the 2 matcha swiss roll is that for breadtalk silver, it is matcha cream. So those who loved the bitter matcha taste will prefer this version

JaCkSoN said...

I am not a swiss roll person, I hated buttercream, whip cream and all sort of creams except fresh cream. Somehow this swiss roll from breadtalk really tempt me to just buy it home. I think I will coming this weekend..
Okay instead of introducing, I am highlighting to you to never try kedah kueh kueh swiss roll. Not even when they are having it at promotional price!!! Its really the worse I ever tried for a $5++ swiss roll!!!!
But you may try their nanut cake, so far I think its really one of their signature cake and the only one that worth trying. It’s quite pricy too. $7++ for the whole cake which makes up about 8 normal slices.

Fen said...

Where is kedah kueh kueh? I don't seems to be able to google it out.

JaCkSoN said...

There is a few branch in singapore. Recently sprung out from nowhere. Direct competitor of bengawan solo.
There is one branch in basement of bugis. One at Terminal 2 changi airport. Don't think they have got a website.

Fen said...

Hmm... at bugis, maybe I can check it out when I go for gym then... I presume it is bugis junction right?

So how horrid can a swiss roll be? A little hard to visualize...

By the way, what is a nanut cake?

JaCkSoN said...

nanut cake, to my limited knowledge, it taste abit of nut, banana, coco, and i can't identify the rest. Its a mixture and in these nonya type of cakes, they tend to use black sugar. Very Nonya or peranakan style.
The swiss roll you got to try. I tried the strawberry and i think its very bad especially for its price

found it here

Fen said...

Hey Jackson,

Thank you for the link. I will drop by when I go to bugis junction. That seems to be the most convenient branch.

Looking forward to my $160 order from Calendar's next Monday... Muahaha!!!!

JaCkSoN said...

Wow...$160 order...i think i just gotten Calendar a big client...shld have ask them to give me a slice!!! haha

but its kind of difficult to order their cakes, unless i am willing to self collect myself and able to finish the 1kg cakes all by myself since my family doesnt like the taste of cheese. If not, its going to wait for some farewell or celebrations to have it.

Fen said...

I go for delivery... my first order, I paid a hefty 10 bucks and I split the cake with Sihan so half a cake costs $18...

I thought I couldn't finish the cake and I couldn't resist feeding my colleagues... By the time I distribute to 4 of my colleagues, I end up with only less than a quarter to share with Yuan... but I guess it is worth it, now I manage to consolidate 4 cakes + a crumble so delivery charges are waived... so I get to try their crumble and feast on their carrot cake... :D

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