Sunday, November 9, 2008

Choc raspberry tartlets from Pâtisserie Dessert Couture

I couldn't resist my urge to try all Evan's desserts since I have been frequently her blog. Also, when I heard her talking with Sihan about the different type of chocolates and the existence of real estate chocolates, I have decided to lay my hands on her choc raspberry tartlets.

These are mini tartlets filled with Valrhona 55% equatorial dark chocolate ganache and topped with fresh raspberries, don't they sound tempting?

Evan should really consider baby shower packages and corporate gifts, her packaging is always so lovely. Anyway, back to the tartlets, each has a whole raspberry (pretty generous, I would say) but I thought it would be better to replace it with nuts as the raspberries are pretty sour and dry. In addition, I thought it will be better with some glaze on the raspberries to make it look better.

The tart shells retain its crunchiness despite having the chocolate ganache sitting in the shell for a while. Simply loves the smooth and bittersweet chocolate. With rich, smooth chocolate and a firm, non-soggy tart shells, I cannot stop popping it in my mouth. My family loves it and I wonder do I still have any to spare for my colleague.

However, they are pretty steep when compared to alternative options available in shops. That is the main problem when ingredients are expensive when bought at a small scale.

So envious of Evan's, I can never do it half as good as her. Her photo of these tartlets looks so irresistible. By the way, if you (of course, Evan) have decided to use these chocolate ganache in eclairs, let me know, I will be the first to buy it from you. I simply fall in love with the chocolate.

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evan 이벤젤린 said...

hey fen, wah didn't expect you to blog abt it so soon. thx for both yr compliments & feedback, i will continue to improve!

you like ganache in eclairs? no prob, will make that one of these days. i got the recipe for the choux pastry right, but i feel that i still need to practice on the piping, coz the pastry is quite difficult to handle. now i understand why alot of ppl prefer to make cream puffs eg. round ones instead of long ones.

was great chatting with you, tho' it was a short chat. hope to meet u up soon =)

Fen said...

Haha, I finished 1 box of your tarts and 2 of macaron bijoux by last night.

Tried the chilled tarts this morning and both (unchilled and chilled) tasted equally good. The ganache is so smooth.

I always thought that the filling in eclairs are not chocolately enough and that might be because the smoothness will be compromised when chocolate content is high. Guess you prove my hypothesis wrong. I saw your eclairs on flickr, thought they are nicely made.

Got something on after meeting you so couldn't join you for dinner... Nevertheless, it was great chatting with you about desserts. Hopefully, we can meet up for 7th heaven =)

evan 이벤젤린 said...

1 box of tartlets + 2 ispahans by last nite, you're kidding! you really can survive on desserts.

i believe the filling is eclair isnt just ganache by itself, but rather a choc whipped cream or buttercream of some sort. thats why you find it not chocolatey enough. but if u hv confidence in mine, i'll make them for u :p

and b4 we meet up for 7th heaven, we'll gonna meet up for obolo on the 21st. yay! see ya then babe =) what bus u taking there?

Fen said...

I did have my dinner, so your tarts and macaron bijoux are additional to my diet =)

Hmm, eclairs... just quote me your minimum order and price bah, must give discount wor... then I afford to buy more and pass to friends mah...

I will be going with a friend (hopefully she won't work OT), need to find a place for dinner...

There are several buses that travel along East Coast Road but need to walk alittle.

From Chinatown, bus no. 12

From Bugis Junction (opp) / Lavender MRT, bus no. 12, 32

From Orchard, bus no. 14

In short, only 10, 12, 14, 32 and 40

SiHaN said...

Hey fen! It's single estate chocolates dear. haha. Anyway, i just bought 5 new bars of single estate chocolates. Busted my wallet man.. haha. Told you that these were worth the money!

emm <3 said...

hey where can i get these tarts? i am a huge chocolate tart fan.


Fen said...

Hi emmy,

I got it from Evan but she is currently not selling any of her bakes at the moment. Alternatively, you can try your luck by dropping her a message on her blog or email her.

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