Saturday, November 1, 2008

Chocolate Eclairs from Swiss Baeckerei

One of the readers recommended this place after reading our entry on Twelve + One and since we are attempting to compile as many desserts as possible, we decided to venture the East again to try their famous Eclairs.

For those who don't drive, this place is directly opposite the bus stop (only sbs transit 32 passes by this bus stop) once it turns into Frankel Ave and thus in comparison to some of the other places we have attempt to find, this is one of the easiest place to find and you wouldn't miss the gigantic croissant.

This place gives a very warm and comfy feeling with tangerine-orange walls; lots of breads and ornaments on the shelves and hanging baskets; the painted floors to portray the swiss fields and simple wooden furniture suddenly transport you into a place that is so different and laid back from the city-life of Singapore.

This place is not new to most of the existing food bloggers such as ieatishootipost, Camemberu, and The Simplest Aphrodisiac and they recommend this as a nice breakfast joint and from my understanding they are popular for their Rosti and Bratwurst ($14.90) and Croque (grilled cheese sandwich, $11.90).

The Eclairs ($3.00) comes in three flavours, namely coffee, vanilla and chocolate. Our choice is pretty clear.

Some other desserts we have tried from Swiss Baeckerei,
  1. Rum Bola $2.80
  2. Lemon Tart $4.00
  3. Orange Carrot Cake ($8.90 per 6 pcs or $9.90 per loaf)

Fen's comments

I am never a fan of chocolate eclairs, partially because I can't really distinguish between the ordinary one and an extraordinary ones so pardon me for sounding amature in my comments. No doubt this is better than the one I had at Twelve + One due to 2 factors.

First, the chocolate cream is so generous and smooth, not too sweet.

Second, the chocolate fudge that is drizzled over the eclair adds a second round of texture. Usually, the top layer has hardened but this is still chewy and fudgey, thought it would be better to have more.

However, I personally felt that the pastry is alittle thick, would be better if it is thinner and softer. Nevertheless, it is a nice eclair but not chocolately enough to satisfy my cravings. Maybe after all, I am more to a chocolate fudge cake lover.

Yuan's comments

Personally I am not a fan of chocolate eclairs. To me, it all tasted the same. However I found the eclair at Swiss Baeckerei slightly better than others which I have eaten. The main reason was that they are more generous with the chocolate cream. Also as Fen pointed out the layer of chocolate fudge is slightly moist and not those harden sort. Apart from these factors, the eclair is pretty ordinary.

Swiss Baeckerei
97 Frankel Avenue
Tel: 6441 8766
Operating hours: 7:30am to 7:30pm (Tues to Sun)


ice said...

One thing I don't quite understand. Since both of you don't like eclairs at all, then why even try?

The best eclair I've eaten so far is still from Pan Pac Atrium Deli, but that was before they changed the pastry chef. Btw I was the one who told Evan about the change in chef coz she had a nasty experience there with the cakes. I even called the Deli up to chide them coz my friend had a bad eclair there too! :)

Fen said...

Haha, we are trying to keep this blog as neutral as possible. If this cake blog is full of Yuan's and my favourites, then it will be flooded with chocolate cakes, chocolate mousse, etc. Then, that will be alittle bias if our original intention is to compile as many desserts as possible.

In fact, there are some readers that dropped comments suggesting places so we thought of exploring these places and for all you know, we might find a new liking to a different type of desserts.

I heard about the eclair from Pan Pacific Atrium Deli and did drop by one evening but their eclairs are no longer available on the shelf, pre-ordering is required. Since the atrium team leader of Pan Pacific Singapore is not very keen in replying to my emails, I discarded the idea of trying their eclairs.

ice said...

I guess it's coz of my complaint haha. Email? Call the Deli up! I gave them a earful lol.

Anonymous said...

OMG, today i went to a Swiss chocolate store in Orchard Central (yes, they specialise in chocolate!) called Schokolart ("chocolate" in swiss)
their staff's service is so good!
there is a discount for their yummy cakes. rmb to try their dark choc cakes. totally reminds me of Sprungli Cafe in Zurich!
Go give it a try but after opening for only 4 days, some items on the menu aren't ready yet... (i felt it was such a pity since we missed their dark/milk choc fondue! ($18 only))

Fen said...

I didn't know they have branches in KL. Wonder why I missed it on both of my trips...

Thank you for the recommendation... Their desserts on their website sure looks mouth-watering...

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