Saturday, November 15, 2008

High Tea Buffet at Hyatt Regency, Johor Bahru

The high tea buffet at Hyatt Regency, Johor Bahru costs RM32 (12noon to 4pm on weekends and public holidays) for each pax.

The taxi ride from the Customs to Hyatt Regency was pretty pleasant, seeing Singapore across Johor Straits was a different perspective to me. Moreover, Hyatt Regency is located at elevated point of Johor. With its surrounding greenery and isolation from buildings and infrastructures, this reminds us of the tranquility of Shangri-la, Singapore.

Entering the cafe reminds us of our visit to Brasserie Les Saverus due to its miniature water fountain and high ceiling.

The selection of savoury dishes is pretty decent, ranging from oxtail soup, porridge, chicken, fish, sotong and noodle soup (approxmately 14 dishes).

There was also a salad bar, sandwiches & bread (with a selection of cheese) and an array of desserts at their high tea buffet.

Fen's comments

If this buffet is priced at Singapore dollar, I would say it is expensive since I will compare this high tea buffet with Sheraton Towers and Ellenborough Market Café. On the other hand, after taking into consideration the exchange rate between Malaysian dollar and the Singapore dollar, I can't deny the fact that I am tempted to have a weekend getaway in Malaysia. Not to offend, but it is very significant as spending are slashed by more than half.

The savoury dishes are nice and not overly salty nor sweet. The food is not oily nor stale and is replenished pretty often. The style of cooking (i.e. braised, fried, soup. curry) is of a decent range and thus the food aren't cloying despite 2 to 3 servings.

However, the desserts were a complete disappointment since the cakes are pretty rough and hard; the chocolate is not rich enough and the macaron shells are hollow. The only thing I liked from their array of desserts is the molten chocolate cake soaked in chocolate sauce. Apart from that, we didn't finish the desserts we have taken.

Yuan's comments

For SGD 16++ (10% service charge & 5% govt tax), the Hyatt Regency (JB) provides a good weekend get away. Decent spread of dishes. Do not expect lobsters or oysters but indulge yourself in savoury Malay style cuisine. The overall dinning experience was pleasant as you do not have crowds rushing for food. Also the surrounding greenery and fountain was smoothing to the eyes. However since this is a dessert blog, I would say that the desserts there are disappointing.

Hyatt Regency Johor Bahru
Jalan Sungai Chat,
P.O. Box 222,
80720 Johor Bahru,
Johor Bahru, Malaysia
Tel: +60 7 222 1234

Operating hours - 6am to midnight (daily)


SY said...

how much was the cabfare to grand hyatt?

Fen said...

The cab fare cost RM7. The taxi never go by meter. They wanted to charge us RM10 as we have 4 ppl but we bargain till RM7. For your info, we boarded the taxi at the exit of the underpass after Malaysia customs.

SY said...

ok thats totally cool! any idea if visitors can venture around the hotel and use their facilities while spending e day there etc?

Fen said...

We did walk around the area that the cafe overlooks... Nice greenery with a swimming pool and pass by the gym but shortly we left for Jusco Tebrau (I think, it is the newer Jusco in Johor) at RM20 (it is the same with and without booking fee). FYI, the movie ticket at that mall costs RM11 each.

Sorry, don't have much information on the hotel so can't help much.
Their web is

Maybe that might help.

P.S. The hotel seems to have a nice scenery as it is slightly elevated and it overlooks the Johor Straits.

SY said...

right. thanks babe! u r so helpful! totally love your(UNIQUE) desserts blog =)

Fen said...

U r welcome and thank you for your compliment.

Do drop by for more updates :D

Trying my best to compile as many as I can

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