Friday, November 14, 2008

Carrot Cake from Calendar's

I first heard about Calendar's Carrot Cake from Jackson's message in the cbox and after Sihan responded to me via cbox that she is a fan of carrot cake and thus I have decided to order a 1-kg cake for sharing. Coincidentally, on the day when I email my enquiry to Calendar's, they were featured in Urban, The Straits Times on Oct 24, 2008.

Available in 1-kg and 2-kg, Calendar's carrot cake, are baked to a perfect degree of moistness, chocked full of freshly grated carrots, chopped walnuts, raisins, blended with just the right amount of spices, then lovingly covered with a layer of pure cream cheese icing devoid of fillers.

Since they are alittle out of the way, I asked about their delivery charges and it is $10 to central and west and $15 to $20 elsewhere.

As for pricing, it is $26 for 1kg and $52 for 2kg, till the end of November 2008 and due to festive periods, it will be $28 from 1st December but according to them, they allow customers to put in booking and pay first for regular cakes for Christmas at $26!

In case you ware wondering how the 2kg cake will look like, She Bakes & She Cooks happens to have an entry on her complimentary carrot cake.

Fen's comments

I can't believe carrot cake can taste this good and ever since I have tried Cedele's carrot cake, I was antipating for Calendar's carrot cake. As what I have read from the internet, the addition of grated carrot makes the cake so soft and moist. In addition, the cream cheese icing when chilled gives such a refreshing taste.

What makes Calendar's different from Cedele's is that the former is springly and dense. The texture of Cedele's carrot cake is closer to butter cake, which is more porous and crumbles more easily. In addition, the scent of cinnamon in Cedele's is stronger with a more generous serving of walnuts.

I would say both are nice and definitely sends my carrot cake radar switched on. To lay a verdict on which is better, I can't but I would say that if texture is important, Calendar's would fair better. On the contuary, if you prefer spices and walnut, Cedele's is a clear-cut choice.

And reflected on my Carrot Cake's radar are...
From the 50 yummiest cakes,
Readers, do let me know if you have recommendation for carrot cake. I am on a carrot cake spree...

Yuan's comments

Overall, I would say that this carrot cake is not bad. It has this dense and moist texture. As you bite you will feel chunks of walnut and rasins. However I prefer the Cedele's carrot cake better as I prefer carrot cakes with cinnamon.

257 Pandan Loop
Singapore 128434
Tel: 6464 0383

Operating hours - 8.30am to 5pm daily


SiHaN said...

i've tried the carrot cake already. and i must say that cedele's is better. I prefer the rougher texture of cedele's because it just feels right having more coarsely grated carrots inside. The cream cheese topping didn't taste much of cream cheese, think they scrimped a lot and replaced much of the cheese with butter instead. What i liked though was the crunchy toasted walnut chunks throughout the cake. That was the saving grace.

Will still head to cedele if i need my carrot cake fix. Remember to try the espresso cake next time!

julie said...

hey, kyn here using my real name =) oh anw you can try Food for thought's carrot cake, its on par with cedele's.

and whilst there u can try their signature red cake, though its been rather elusive of late..running out when im there! their expresso-marshmellow-brownie creation is awesome to.

don't eat their sandwiches, save stomach space for their cakes and desserts instead!

SiHaN said...

julie: oh yesh, I love cakes from food for thought as well. The red velvet is swell! and the color so very tantalizing. Forgot how the carrot cake was lyke though. That calls for another trip down! Thanks Kyn for the reminder!

Fen said...

Sihan: When I realize yuan didn't enjoy Calendar's carrot cake, I was worried that you might find it disappointing. For me, I do like the "kueh-like" texture. We will definitely try their espresso cake, can't believe that Yuan actually chosen a cake that is recommended by you and Vicki. Seems like his visual inspection skill is getting better each day.

Kyn: Wanted to try Food for Thought last week but we went to Miss Clarity on the 4th Nov instead for your recommendations =)
As for 11th Nov, Yuan wasn't feeling too well so looks like I have to drop by Food for Thought this coming Tues then...

JaCkSoN said...

Wow u really tried...but i nvr tried cedele and i wasnt a big fan for carrot cake. After i tried calendar, i cant believe it tasted so nice! I should try cedele's one day!

Fen said...

Jackson, it is a good recommendation. My colleagues and I like it on first bite. Thus, I am placing another round of order with them.

By the way, I am not a fan of carrot cake either but I didn't expect Cedele and Calendar to taste this good... Anyway, as for which is better, I think it is personal since I get a handful who prefer Cedele over Calendar (for their cinnamon and walnut) and vice versa (for the moist and springy texture)...

Let me know which is your choice when you try it =)

Steve said...

First, let me thank everyone who enjoys our cakes.
We make American Carrot cake the way it's supposed to be made. I make it taste like it's supposed to taste. If you were to go to America and taste Carrot cake there then it's going to taste just like Calendar's only sweeter.
We don't put a lot of walnuts and raisins in the cake as it hides the real flavor of the cake and just turns it into a Carrot & Walnut cake. If you like a lot of walnuts on your cake then you can purchase almost 1 kilo of walnuts with the money you save when buying Calendar's over Cedele"s. As for the cinnamon, we use to put in more but had a lot of complaints that the cinnamon was too strong, therefore we left it at where it is now.
I've been eating American Carrot cake for over 40 years and still love the stuff. I really try to make the best Carrot cake in Singapore with the best ingredients and I think I have got the top cake if your judging it against a cake that you have tried in America. If you've never been to America and tried it there then how can anyone make that judgement?
Again let me thank you for your comments even if you like one of the others better. It only makes me try harder to win you over!

Fen said...

Hi Steve,

Thank you for dropping by and I do get 2 distinct group (for Cedele and Calendar's) of supporters when it comes to carrot cakes.

In fact, I shared my Calendar's cake with 7 people and 4 of them actually placed an order with Calendar's as they can't believe carrot cake can taste this good. As for the other 3, they were actually craving for carrot cakes after the first bite.

I guessed taste is something that is not universal to all but one thing that Cedele has an upper hand over Calendar's is the accessibility of 14 branches and the availability of sliced cakes.

junk star buddy said...

I haven't tried Cedele's but I had tried Coffee Bean Tea leaf's many years ago. And CBTL's carrot cake actually put me off carrot cake for the longest time.

It was only after my sil ordered Calendar's 2 yrs ago for our christmas gathering that I was urged to try a piece. The small piece had me hooked and I've been a fan ever since.

Fen said...

I can very much understand the aftermath of eating a lousy carrot cake. But then again, I realize it is not easy to find one carrot cake to appeal to all, some prefers lots of spice, some dreads eating the slightest bit... Very subjective to individuals' taste buds...

My only complain for Calendar's is that they only have it as a whole and their location is so out of the way...

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