Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Hazelnut praline from Miss Clarity

Apart from Twin Divine, we ordered the hazelnut praline as recommended by Kyn. As the name suggested, this is basically chocolate mousse with a layer of hazelnut praline ($4.60 per slice).

To me, this has a higher chocolate content than twin divine and I like the bittersweet chocolate mousse. To compare its hazelnut praline with some that I have previously tried, this lacks the crunchy taste. Slightly soft and chewy.

From Kyn's list of recommendation, it seems like people who likes rich, thick chocolate mousse will love this. Minimal layering and maximum chocolate sensation.

So, I would recommend this if you are a fan of Canele's Caraibe but personally, I prefer cakes with different layers so as to bring out the distinct taste of each unique ingredients used. One example is that I would definitely favour Le Royale over Caraibe. _________________________________________________________________

Yuan's comments

If you like NYDC cakes, Miss Clarity is a good substitute. Similar taste but cheaper. Rich dark chocolate mousse with a thin layer of hazelnut praline. Very sinful to eat this on your own.

You will feel very satisfied on the first few bites but very bloated towards the end. Personally I think it would be better if there was a little more hazelnut praline. Too much chocolate sometimes spoils the cake. If forced to give a score, I think I would give it about 6/10.

Miss Clarity @ Purvis
5 Purvis Street
Singapore 188584
Tel: 6339 4803
Operating hours - 11am to 11pm (closed on Sundays)


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