Tuesday, November 4, 2008

No. 18 Twin Divine from Miss Clarity

After ignoring the recommendation from 50 yummiest cakes, I have decided to drop by Miss Clarity Cafe to try their Twin Divine. Featured as No. 18, this was described to be a rich, rich, rich and utterly divine chocolate fudge cake. Bascially, this is a Valrhona chocolate fudge cake paired with French cream cheese on a crisp digestive biscuit.

Anyway, before I move on with twin divine. This is a very casual place that doesn't charge GST and service charge so it is good for gatherings or a quick lunch. As for the decor, either you like it or you hate it. Adopting a princess-like theme with flowery paper latterns, gaily painted walls and cartoons, school canteen-like tables & chairs of green, pink and yellow BUT dim lighting? I don't know, personally, I always associate cheerful places with well-illuminated places. If it is meant to be dim, I would prefer it with more ambience than funky.

Apart from the desserts, we had fish baked rice and bacon aglio oligo. Have to give credits to their extensive menu, reasonable pricing but in terms of taste, I would say it is pretty ordinary. Nothing to rave about nor make us crave for it.

Fen's comments

Personally, I didn't quite like this cake but at the price of $5.20 per slice, it is worth a try due to the chocolate used. Have to admit that the chocolate is smooth and creamy but I didn't like the combination of cream cheese and chocolate mousse. The cream cheese has a rubbery texture which is pretty different from American cheesecake and thus didn't compliment well enough to my liking.

Yuan's comments

This cake is similar to the mini O from NYDC. Top layer of chocolate mousse and bottom layer of cheese cake. Both layers are not that appealing though I prefer the cheese cake better than the chocolate mousse. The chocolate mousse is slightly creamy. The cheese cake tasted like philadelphia cream cheese spread. Not too bad generally but I guess I became a little choosy after eating so many cakes.

Miss Clarity @ Purvis
5 Purvis Street
Singapore 188584
Tel: 6339 4803
Operating hours - 11am to 11pm (closed on Sundays)


Hejin said...

Just so that other readers will know... I tried this cake today and I found it very disappointing. The digestives crust was soggy, and the cream cheese was weak and had a slight sourish taste. The chocolate layer was not chocolatey enough. In fact, the entire combination made me quite sick to the stomach and this is probably the first time I never finished my entire slice of cake. I ate half a slice over 45 minutes and couldn't bear it any longer.

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