Friday, November 14, 2008

Signature dish of Karen Carlotta

Sihan is skeptical of ordering chocolate souffle, to pay $11 (excluding 7% GST and 10% service charge) for a few egg whites is not worth it but we manage to convince her that we have to try their signature dish.

Chocolate Souffle of Pastry Bar is an organic Alto el Sol (65%) Souffle with Sangria, Peach Sorbet. The introduction of Sangria and fruits in this souffle is to bring out a balanced combination of fruity flavours and acidity for a chocolate withy an unparalleled intensity. Moreover, as mentioned in the interview with pastry chef, Ms. Karen Carlotta, dated 2nd November 2008, Ms. Karen feels that this is her signature dish as chocolate souffle with poached peach in Rioja sangria, served with peach sorbet and sangria foam is able to create a real unique taste.


Fen's comments

When the wrong spoon is served with a small souffle, the moment I attempt to take the first bite of this, it became a complete mess. Next, when this is still warm, the interior of the souffle is so watery that I can't help to think that it is uncooked egg white. After clarifying with the chef of that evening (not Karen), it is due to the introduction of Sangria to the souffle.

I thought the liquid mess was alittle disappointing since the souffle is small and thus the liquid component is about one-third of the souffle. Thus, we fail to enjoy the custardy lift of egg whites.

However, after allowing this to cool, this is my favourite among the desserts we have ordered for last evening but then again, I would prefer to have my souffle from Laurent since it is bigger, more chocolately and not so watery. If Yuan is in the mood for alcoholic souffle, BakerZin's Bailey's Irish Cream Souffle will be his choice as the alcohol introduced did not compromise the texture of the souffle.

Oh, have to give credits to the peach sorbet. It didn't melt fast and provides a refreshing taste for a hot weather like Singapore but still the souffle is so small that the proportion of sorbet and souffle doesn't seem right to me.

Yuan's comments

This chocolate souffle is kind of wet. As you scoop the souffle, you can see the moistness. This is due to the alcohol content in this souffle making it a little wet. Apart from this, the chocolate and alcohol combination is not bad. However it is not that great to make me travel back to One Rochester again for this dessert.


The Pastry Bar, One Rochester

One Rochester Park
Singapore 139212
Tel: 6773 0070

Operating hours - 6pm to 10.30pm daily
Guests may stay at the Library or balcony area till closing time


ladyironchef said...

ya i saw her interview on the sunday times too. but 13 bucks after tax for souffle and sorbet.. is expensive man. haha. hows the business there like when u all went? the area big? can seat how many?

Fen said...

The stuff served at the Pastry Bar is expensive and not satisfying. Moreover, despite the interview on Sunday Times mentioned that

"From now till Dec 31 next year, Citibank Platinum cardmembers and above enjoy 10% off their total bill at One Rochester and 1 TwentySix"

there wasn't any credit card discount at Pastry Bar, so felt the pinch.

They can sit about 30 people in the Library and about 12 at the Balcony. As for the business on a Friday evening, apart from the 4 of us, there were another group with the size of 4, sitting at the balcony. The restaurant is crowded though.

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