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Pastry Bar at One Rochester

The Pastry Bar of One Rochester, a wine bar in Rochester Road, was first introduced by Evan when I was debating when to place an order with her. However, we didn't get to meet her as she needs to process her orders but nevertheless we had a nice chat with Sihan and get to know Vicki.

Initially, we couldn't make sense out of its opening hours but eventually we realize that it is actually an extension of an existing restaurant at One Rochester. The entire feel of this place is pretty different, like attending a cocktail party at a posh former Colonial house. The pastry bar, located at the 2nd level is actually the library linked to a balcony. Furnished with leather sofas, printed wallpaper, and chandeliers, we thought that is might be a comfy environment to enjoy cocktails and desserts.

However, for desserts lovers like us, we were completely disappointed with the place. There is no cakes at all and the desserts served at the place are only pastry chef Karen Carlotta’s creations, namely Chocolate Tart ($11), Chocolate Souffle ($11), Rochester Trifle ($11), Chocolate Pear Delight ($10), Melon Mirliton ($9), Baileys Parfait ($11) and Desserts Platter which consists of 4 types of special dessert of the day ($25).

From left: Apple Crumble, Chocolate Pear Delight and Rochester Trifle
Bottom: Baileys Parfait

Apart from Karen's presentation of her desserts, the liquid desserts concocted by Pastry Bar's Mixologist Paul Emmanuel Podisingho was also well mentioned in recent article published in The Business Times on September 20, 2008. The selection includes Apple crumble, Mud pie, Tiramisu, Tutti frutti, MITsago - trio of shooters, Nuts & berries, Jello shots, Chendol, Honeydew sago, Ice-kacang (all at $15++).

Fen's comments

Personally, I felt that I was misled by what was written in the Business Times article as there wasn't a single cake served in this place. Moreover, this is more to a place for cocktails and wines.

However, if you like desserts that are extraordinary (not necessary nice since some of the desserts served are acquired taste) and don't mind to spend alittle more for a nice ambience, you might want to give this place a shot. But if you are expecting satisfaction from sugar rush and cakes, then this is not a place to go.

I am not being prestigious towards this place but I personally felt that this is overly expensive for me and that the combination of ingredients used in each desserts were too extreme, thereby I find it hard to like it nor finish it. Moreover, the waitress for this evening was pretty grouchy, thus making the atmosphere alittle tense.

I will touch on the Chocolate Souffle ($11) on my next entry since I have a category for souffle.

Liquid desserts... Ahh, was skeptical to order but yet we cannot ignore our curiousity. We settled with Apple Crumble which is basically (as described in the menu) an old-fashioned dessert, with chopped apples, 42below vodka, butterscotch schnapps and sourz apple schnapps, crisp and refreshing with almond-digestive "crust" providing that touch of decadence. But frankly speaking, it tasted like an apple vodka with bits of green apple skin.

Rochester Trifle, consisting of strawberry juice, vanilla gelato, almond croquant, fresh berries. I was amused by the use of disposable pasteur pipettes to hold the strawberry juice. Why chefs just love to use laboratory apparatus for presentation of food? Anyway, the combination is nice, provided that the after-taste is not so sour. It really tasted like yoghurt with sour berries.

Chocolate Pear Delight, said to be one of Karen's signatures, is candied pear in chai tea jelly, crunchy praline flakes, ghana (40%) chantilly; a bold milk chocolate bursting with the fragrance of hazelnuts and a note of caramel. I would have like this without the taste of chai tea but it turned out to be Sihan's favourite. I would say this dessert is an acquired taste due to its strong chai fragrance.

Baileys Parfait, with extra brut crumble, coffee gelee, cocoa nib foam, is Yuan's favourite due to its smoothness of chocolate mousse with its crunchy chocolate crumble. I think I share the same sentiments as Yuan but still didn't tempt me to go back for a second round.

I know my comments sounded pretty harsh but every ingredient used in each dessert was just too extreme and frankly speaking, I think I lack the knowledge to appreciate such desserts. These are definitely not my cup of tea.

Yuan's comments

This was a blog outing with 2 other fellow bloggers hence we took the opportunity to order 4 out of the 6 desserts listed on their menu.

1. Rochester Trifle - Overall this dessert tasted like yoghurt with cornflakes. Nothing special about this dessert except for its unique appearance and the pipette.

2. Chocolate Pear Delight - This dessert is a mixture of extreme taste. It has chocolate mousse on top, praline in the middle and chai jelly at the base. I really can't appreciate such a wierd combination.

3. Baileys Parfait - As readers would know, I love the chocolate and alcohol combination. Smooth and light chocolate with bailey. This is my favourite among the four, however it will not tempt me to return to the Pastry Bar again as it is simply too expensive and there are cheaper alternatives available.


The Pastry Bar, One Rochester

One Rochester Park
Singapore 139212
Tel: 6773 0070

Operating hours - 6pm to 10.30pm daily
Guests may stay at the Library or balcony area till closing time


evan 이벤젤린 said...

sihan told me abit about this outing on MSN, i guess if it were me, i'll also hv gone there with the expectation of cakes etc. didn't know their desserts are basically cocktail concoctions with a twist. i find the "apple crumble" pretty amusing, coz it looks just like a cocktail! and ya the rochester trifle, the plastic pipette just looks so...wrong. why not throw in a few waitresses dressed in sexy nurse outfits too? lol

i was thinking their desserts might be quite similar to those of 2am dessert bar, tho' i'm not very sure coz i've never been there. definitely misleading, coz when i read TODAY newspaper that featured this place, it looks as if they serve cakes and all too. in fact, i'm not sure if u seen this soshiok article :

the spread definitely don't look like what guys ordered. do they hv macarons?

nevertheless, i really like your write-up, its so comprehensive!

evan 이벤젤린 said...

oops ok, so the soshiok article was the one mentioned in the business times. did you ask how come the desserts offered looks so different from the ones published?

Fen said...

Haha, nevertheless it is nice to catch up with Sihan and get to know Vicki.

Yah, there is no cakes despite (according to soshiok's article) Carlotta’s forte is cake but we do see the waiter serving a few Almond Mirliton but I doubt I will go back again.

2am dessert bar was much better, be it their desserts and ambience and of course there is no macarons at Pastry Bar. Apart from Apple Crumble, Chocolate Pear Delight, Rochester Trifle and Baileys Parfait, Sihan has ordered a cup of cappuccino while Yuan has ordered a Gunner (basically ginger beer). I will mention the chocolate souffle in my next entry.

Thank you for your compliment. Hopefully, it is good enough to tell you about the place. I am trying to sound as diplomatic as possible.

ladyironchef said...

lol! looks like all of us got mislead. i also thought they serve cakes and desserts. but 2am dessert got cakes if i not wrong.

hmm.. the prices at pastry bar are on the high side, although they are not exactly desserts, but cocktails. 2am dessert even more expensive right? heard its 14+ each.

pity i couldn't go! so you only get to know vicki yesterday ar? i thought you all knew each other. haha. nvm, there's the obolo outing next week to look forward to : )

Fen said...

Yeh, the stuff at 2am dessert bar is not cheap either but I do like the ambience more than Pastry Bar. I visited 2am once and you can find the entry via "For dine-in", the drop down window on the right hand side. The chocolate tart and drink were pretty satisfying.

Got to know Vicki only yesterday since I have started this blog pretty late.

ladyironchef said...

hahaha. food blogs are good right? get to know many like-minded friends. i also know vicki sihan evan when they attended my food outing.

haven go to 2am yet, will try soon but not now cos got budget constraint. haha. somemore i haven go to twelve+one

Fen said...

True, it is nice to meet fellow food bloggers.

2am is good but expensive while 12+1, after reading Evan's entry, visiting on Sat seems to be better, fresher pastries.

Both has pretty nice ambience but 2am is better for evening, after work chill out while 12+1 is better for a lazy weekend breakfast. I have pictures of both places, maybe that will give you a rough idea.

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