Sunday, November 9, 2008

Macaron Bijoux from Pâtisserie Dessert Couture

These lovely mini ispahans are also Evan's creations and she gives a funky name to them. Hmm, bijoux refers to anything small and of elegant workmanship and it sure describes it well. All the small things I have received today are so nicely decorated and packaged.

As described by her, Macaron Bijoux is a rose macaron sandwich with rose scented buttercream, a lychee and a ring of fresh raspberries, topped with rose petal and raspberry.

I would say her macaron shells are one of the best I have ever tried. Chewy and not too sweet but the only difference from BakerZin and Carousel lies in the cream she used. The fragrance of rose and lychee is not strong in comparison to the mentioned 2 and it might be better to slice the lychee so as to make it easier to eat everything (i.e. the shells, lychee and cream) together.

I regret not ordering macarons from Evan for this round, I miss her macarons so much. By the way, do drop by her flickr album, I am sorry I couldn't capture a tempting picture of her creations, my bad photography skills. =(

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