Saturday, November 8, 2008

No. 17 - Swiss Rolls from Rich & Good Cake Shop

When I first saw the 50 yummiest cakes article, this didn't come across my mind to pay a visit. First, I don't know where is Kandahar Street and thought it would be somewhere in the East. Second, to make me travel for swiss rolls, I am pretty skeptical. It was only recently when I did my usual internet search on food blogs and cakes that I came across several entries on their Famous Kaya Swiss Roll.

Located in one of the restored, refurbished old shophouse in Kampong Glam, this Muslim quarter was once a historic seat of Malay royalty in Singapore. The former Sultan’s palace has been converted into a Malay heritage centre to showcase the rich history and culture of Singapore’s Malay community. Also located in close proximity of the heritage centre and the confectionary, the Sultan Mosque (or Masjid Sultan), being largest mosque in Singapore, is a landmark one won't miss.

Surprisingly, apart from shops selling Muslim men’s headgear (or songkok), the holy Quran, prayer mats and textiles, the place houses a wide array of eateries, with the bulk of it being Muslim food. I would say it is an eye-opening sight since these heritage places has been overshadowed by the city-life and shopping malls in Singapore.

Despite located in an area that is not easily accessible on normal days, we do see a fair bit of customers walking into an old shop to purchase their swiss rolls. The shop is pretty simple, with a standing fridge filled with boxes of the swiss rolls and nothing much on display but the smell of baking and its stacks of trays and boxes.

As described in the article,
"The name of the shop says it all: Rich and Good. These delicious rolls come in seven flavours: durian, kaya, mango, blueberry, strawberry, chocolate and coffee. All are excellent."


Fen's comments

Whenever, I come across recommendations on magazines or newspapers, my first impression is that this place must be new and trendy or something unique and different. This definitely comes pretty out of place when placed on the same article with hotels and pâtisserie. In addition, from the information I have collected from various blogs, this seems to be a must-try and thus I have decided to lay my hands on the durian and kaya swiss rolls.

As most described, the swiss rolls are long (i.e. 30cm) and thin with pretty swirls of its filling and moist and soft chiffon. What is good is the overall springy taste without a strong taste of eggs, and usually cakes that are soft are just plain porous. In addition, the amount of cream is not alot and thus, one can easily munch the entire roll without feeling cloying nor sin.

Setting aside that it is nice, but pardon me to say that I wouldn't travel all the way for a slice of swiss roll. With early closing hours (closes before I am off work) and located deep in Kampong Glam, I would gladly drop by Breadtalk to curb my swiss rolls carvings.

Yuan's comments

This is one of the best swiss roll I have ever eaten. Dense and moist, especially the kaya-flavoured one. What I particularly like about the kaya swiss roll is that the kaya tasted very traditional, reminds me of my childhood days. Highly recommended.

As for the durian swiss roll, it was a total disappointment. The texture of chiffon was there, dense and moist. However, it was just cream with durian essence and barely have the taste of durian pulp (even though it is present in its filling).

Rich & Good Cake Shop

24 Kandahar Street
Singaopore 198887
Tel: 6294 3324
Operating hours - 8am to 5pm, closed on Sun and PH


Camemberu said...

Yummy blog! All desserts? This shop in Kandahar St is quite famous! I haven't gone to try yet. Hmmm, thanks for the reminder!

Fen said...

Thank you. Yup, trying to compile all the desserts Yuan and I have been eating...

This shop is pretty famous and almost all that blogs about Rich and Good Cake Shop sing praises.

The swiss rolls are nice and refreshing, the only thing is that the shop is alittle out of the way for those who don't drive.

Anonymous said...

I just bought 1 roll Mango and 1 Durian. To my disappointment the filling isn't that generous and you feel the richness of the cake. But I must comment that the cake texture is indeed melt in your mouth.

Naomi Kitchen said...

Hi Sgdessert,

You may also like to try Naomi Kitchen swiss rolls and let us know the area for improvement.

Apart from the fruit fillings, lately we come out swiss roll with cute design. Do visit our website at or our shop at Blk 465, Crawford Lane, #01-08.

Naomi Kitchen.

Fen said...

Anonymous: Yea, the niche of Rich & Good is more to its cake sponge. Apart from the Kaya Pandan, the other flavours tends to be richer in its cream than flavours.

Naomi Kitchen: Will do. :)
Saw the photos on your facebook and website, the swiss rolls look beautiful.

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