Saturday, November 8, 2008

Durian puffs from Rich and Good Cake Shop

Since Yuan's mum and himself is a durian lover, we have decided to buy a box of durian puffs ($3.50 for 6 pieces) from Rich and Good Cake Shop. Apart from durian, they do have chempadak puffs and chocolate eclairs.


Fen's comments

According to Yuan, there is a difference in the filling used for the durian puff and the durian swiss roll. The filling in these durian puffs are generally more custardy and smooth. Unlike Puteri Mas and 717 Trading which have a generally stronger durian taste, more fibrious filling and watery, their fillings are completely opposite. I personally prefer Goodwood Park durian puffs for a richer taste but for $3.50, this is worth a try, the only issue is that it is more convenient to go Goodwood Park Hotel and Kandahar Street and that Goodwood Park has a more flexible opening hours.

As for the puffs, they are soft and dusted with icing. I would say it is better than 717 Trading but I am pretty sure there are neighoourhood confectionaries that has similar standards since custards puffs are pretty common. In short, I would say it is not bad, given the soft profiterole pastry and its smooth filling but I wouldn't travel all the way to Kandahar to beat their closing hours for this.


Yuan's comments

I would say that these puffs are not as solid as the ones from Goodwood Park Hotel. The pulp in the puff tasted like custard. However, the good thing about these puffs is that they use the bittersweet durians. Generally, not bad but if you are a true durian fan, you will not like it.

Rich & Good Cake Shop
24 Kandahar Street
Singaopore 198887
Tel: 6294 3324
Operating hours - 8am to 5pm, closed on Sun and PH


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